With college freshmen moving in their dorms and starting classes soon, I have a couple of words of advice for you.

From the moment you committed and sent in the deposit to your college or university, you have had these dreams and expectations of what your college experience is going to be like. Now you've moved into your dorm and said goodbye to your family. You're ready to start this journey of the "college" experience.

However, I'm going to be completely honest with you. Your college experience might not go as planned. You might not have as many friends as you expected. You might not get along with your roommate if you are dorming. You might get homesick especially if it is your first time being away from home. You might struggle transitioning into college. You might feel alone and that's alright.

My freshman year was a tough time for me. I was miserable and would cry on the train ride home. I wish someone told me during my freshmen year that I was going to feel this way and that it is completely fine. It is completely alright to feel this way. This is a learning experience for you. This wave of loneliness changes you. Either in a good way or a bad way. However, you are the one to control the path of how this loneliness will change you. You either let it help you grow and become independent in college or let it consume your entire being and things will go downhill for you.

College, overall, is a learning experience. You might not have the experience that you expected and that is alright. Listen to me, you are a wonderful human being. You will flourish in college. It just takes time.