Opening of Safe Injection Site comes to a Halt in South Philadelphia
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Opening of Safe Injection Site comes to a Halt in South Philadelphia

Read more about why the nonprofit organization known as Safehouse backpedals their intentions to open the first national safe injection site in South Philadelphia.

Opening of Safe Injection Site comes to a Halt in South Philadelphia

As a communication major at ECU, I've been able to examine the consequences of communicative mistakes made by individuals and organizations that have halted their progression or the progression of a cause that could potentially become beneficial to society.

Recently in Philadelphia, the nation's first supervised injection site organized by a South Philly group known as Safehouse, had planned to open next week in South Philadelphia but has been stopped in its tracks by a blindsided community.

The injection site, intended to be opened at the city's Constitution Health Plaza on Broad and McKean streets, had unfortunately been under-communicated to the South Philly community by the Safehouse organization; in turn leaving the community feeling disrespected for being left out of the loop on the controversial affair.

Supporters of supervised injection sites stand behind the idea that they will, according to an article posted by The Inquirer, could potentially "protect public health and prevent overdoses, keeping people alive until they can go into recovery, and noted that sites in Canada and Europe have not attracted drug dealers or people in addiction to the area."

This Inquirer discusses concerns about "how the injection site might affect homes, schools, and businesses spread quickly among neighbors." Local community members discovered the news almost two weeks ago and took to Facebook about concerns of other businesses already in the building, including a daycare center and an elder care organization.

In addition to their concerns, a petition against safe injection sites in Philadelphia was said to have garnered 6,870 signatures and rallies were even planned.

According to the City of Vancouver web page,

the benefits of offering supervised injection sites include:

Reduces the number of overdose deaths

Provides a safe, clean, and secure place for users to inject while reducing the visibility of drug consumption on the street

Provides an opportunity for multiple contacts with health care staff, social workers, and other individuals who can help users move toward healthier choices, such as drug treatment programs, primary health care, and other social services

Reduces HIV and hepatitis C transmission, and ensures that injecting equipment remains inside and is not discarded in the community

Reduces risks to the community as the open consumption of drugs can be more easily discouraged

…Vancouver Coastal Health offers needle exchange services where people can dispose of used needles in a safe and legal way. They also provide clean needles, sterile water, alcohol wipes, and health information to encourage safer injecting practices.

Although there are many logical concerns that come from community members in regards to safe injection sites entering their community, it's also important to take into consideration those whose lives are controlled by drug addiction.

Organizations like these are progressive and could have the potential to improve communities in a number of ways.

It's important to remain open-minded to this idea and other controversial ideas like these in order to continue to find and inspire new ways to innovate and progress as a society.

Furthermore, it's just as important to effectively communicate any good idea to the public, especially if it pertains to such a controversial issue as does the opening of the nation's first safe injection site in a South Philadelphia community.

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