Dear Voters,

I may not know all of the reasons behind why you voted how you did, nor may I know that you've voted for him. This letter isn't about me shaming you for your decision, or me trying to have a come to Jesus talk with you, but I do want you to realize what is happening. At the conclusion of this letter I want you to understand why it is that I'm so angry with your decision. Again, it was your right and your decision to vote for Trump and I am not trying to take that away from you.

Let's start with the aftermath of the election. The week that followed election day saw an increase in hate crimes across the nation. People suddenly thought it was okay to harass people based off of gender, race, sexual orientation, and religion. This is not okay by any means. Hate will never be acceptable in our society regardless of who the president is. I saw a lot of articles, facebook posts and comments, and tweets about how "the liberals" need to suck it up and accept the results. This election has divided our nation like never before, and it's not because it's "politics as usual." I cannot stress this enough: it's about life or death. I'm not being dramatic either. People are genuinely scared for their lives. I don't understand how you can continue to ignore their fear or invalidate it.

Moving on to the aftermath of the inauguration. Trump's gone crazy. He's started a ban on people from Muslim countries entering the US. In addition, his wall is coming out of American pockets. No offense guys, but did you really think that Mexico would actually pay for it? Come on now. Trump has also issued more executive orders than Obama did during his first term, something that Trump criticized him for.

The reaction to the Woman's March on Washington was another moment, post-Trump in office, that baffled me. I saw many women, young and old, posting about how the march was "dumb" or "stupid" or a movement for the "femnazis." So, to the women who voted for Trump: do you truly feel equal? Do you understand that you earn $0.78 to the $1.00 that a man makes? Do you realize that men in Washington keep trying to control our healthcare? Do you genuinely not care? Do you also not care if you are raped of sexually assaulted by a man? Do you feel like you are a man's property? I ask these questions because I truly do not understand.

Again, I'm not trying to make you all feel bad. I just want you all to see the hypocrisy and to understand that I am baffled by how you thought this was going to work out. I honestly don't understand it. I don't understand how you could, in good conscience, vote for the same man backed by the KKK . Quite frankly, I feel sorry for you guys. You have to live with that knowledge for the rest of your lives.

I hope this open letter at least got you to understand where my anger and frustration is coming from. I hope it opened your eyes to some hypocrisy and truly foolish notions. I hope that one day you realize that everyone deserves equal rights regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

Until then,