An Open Letter To The Universe
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An Open Letter To The Universe

Thanks for helping me find my meaning.

An Open Letter To The Universe
George Hodan

Dear Universe,

You sure know how to work in mysterious ways, don't you? It must take a lot to convey your plan to a world of more than 7 billion inhabitants, and even more beyond that. I never really understood how or why I came into existence. The constant struggle of never feeling worthy, or wondering why you chose me to walk on the path I do. Although, I have recently gone through some changes, and I think I have a better understanding of what my life is supposed to mean.

I am one, small inkling that resides on a planet which, in comparison to the rest of the universe, is just a spec of dust. Perspective is everything, and, from your perspective, I am the equivalent of what to me would be a cell, one of the smallest specimens that your eye would be able to see before the rest of the world disappears. I am no scientist. I am far from it; however, I know that there is more on this Earth than we will ever be able to know. It is just beyond our capacity as a human being.

Believe it or not, these are the thoughts that haunt me as I try to doze off into a long nights sleep. I am a creative, hopeful individual who sees the light in everything and everyone, but for some reason I cannot grasp a hold of the idea that there is so much more than meets the eye. Things that are so small we may never see the day of its discovery, and things that are so unfathomably large that will forever be beyond our realm of understanding. That's just the way things are, I guess. So where am I going with this?

Well, I guess I just wanted to say that, while these concepts and ideas will always cause me sleepless nights, a lot has changed for me. I am much happier than I ever thought was possible. You have helped me realize that, because I am so small, life can be so much simpler. It is okay to make mistakes; they are so minute that, aside from the few hours of embarrassment, they don't matter. Years, months, even days from now, no one will remember them.

It is important not to dwell on things that will not make a difference, good or bad. It's rewarding to watch your sister make her first goal, and disheartening to find out that your best friend was talking about you behind your back, but soon those events will not matter.

It doesn't matter your religion, gender, social status, or financial situation, the most important lesson in this life is to be nice to people and share your wisdom with those whose paths you cross. This is the biggest meaning of life. I have realized that our lives and impact are small compared to you, but that means that we must make the most of our time.

Instead of spreading hate, it is crucial that we spread happiness throughout the world. As an individual, I am microscopic. Together, though, we can be one of the important units it takes to keep you in tact, Universe.

I feel like in just a short period of time, I have learned so much about you and why you made me. My journey won't stop here, though. Each night, I will look up to the sky. Each morning, I will walk outside and look down to the ground. I will continue to search low, high, far, and wide for my purpose.

Lastly, I would like to thank you. Thank you for the thousands of places you've made for me to travel, the millions of words you have given me to express my feelings toward the billions of potential friends you have given me. Thank you for letting me understand what it means to be human, and helping me find the meaningful and meaningless parts of life. I will continue to spread my wisdom, kindness, and joy with the rest of the world, and hopefully one day we can come together to create something that will measure up to what you have created for us down here.

Thanks Universe,

Talk to you soon.

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