The time has come where the temperature starts to fall and snow starts to pile up. Though it happens every year, we never seem ready for all that winter brings. I harbor mixed feelings about winter, and what better way to express them than a letter?

First off, I have to be honest and say you’re beautiful. The way you cover the trees and make everything seem peaceful can be so breathtaking. You turn Michigan into a wonderful snow globe and I can’t deny how pretty you are. The problem is, you bring the cold with you. When I walk to class, I prefer to be able to see and breath. You tend to make everyone sick, and I’m not ready to have a runny nose 24/7. I’m also not prepared for the multiple-month commitment that you bring.

I loved you so much when I was younger, and I have great memories of you. Building snowmen, making forts, having snowball fights, and sledding were a blast, and I loved playing in the snow until my fingers felt like they might freeze off. But as I grew up, you started to complicate things. You make driving way more difficult than it needs to be, and you force me to clean my car off and shovel my driveway, which is just not a good time.Though I do agree that some people forget how to drive in the winter, it can still get seriously dangerous when you freeze them over.

I know I can’t complain because I chose to live in a state that is literally shaped like a winter accessory, but please be kind to us this winter. Don’t be too harsh, but if you’re choosing to give us a ton of snow, please make sure it’s on the day that I have a lot of classes!

Don’t get me wrong; there are some really great things about you. You bring the holidays with you and Christmas is always more special with snow. Plus, the people who love skiing and snowboarding are on cloud nine when you come around. I’m just not ready to say goodbye to the sunshine, or to sweat on the way to class because I’m wearing 18 layers.