Maybe you’ve been asking yourself if there’s anything wrong with you. I have been for years. Maybe you’ve been wondering why everybody you fall for keeps on hurting you; and why you’ve kept on hearing the same old lies and broken promises over and over again. Perhaps, maybe you should stop thinking about these things and simply take my advice.

To the girl who always gets her heart broken, I tell you to relax. You and your heart have been through a lot already. So don't take things so roughly, relax and let love come to you. Stop stressing yourself over such painful thoughts. Forget about the heartbreak you have endured, and stop looking for the next person to hurt you.

The right person will come along.

So, don’t hold on. Please, let go and move on because you deserve someone better. You deserve the best person who will care for your heart. And when you find them, like I have you will see so clearly what was always so wrong. Whoever hurts you surely doesn't deserve you or any bit of your love. It’s time to say good-bye to the past, the mistakes, and the heartbreak and free yourself from further pain.

If you’ve been asking yourself what’s wrong with you, let me tell you this: NOTHING. You are perfectly you. The person who broke your heart didn't appreciate you because something was wrong with them. They weren't right for you. And if there would be one thing you’ll be wrong about that is when you still force yourself to love them after all that has happened. So never ever let yourself do that. Don’t be so cruel to yourself and to your heart.

Why don’t you do things that would make you forget the pain instead? Find what could give you a genuine happiness and believe me, it’s not all the time that you’ll get it from loving someone. In fact, you could be genuinely happy with the company of your family and friends. You don't need to find the right person to be happy again. That's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. But when I became happy within myself is when i experienced the best love, and the most stability in a relationship. When you're happy with yourself you will often find happiness in the wildest of things. And relationships are more meaningful in this way.

Most importantly, believe that one day all the pain will heal. It will. One day, you’ll forget all the bad memories that person had left you with and soon you’ll find the one who’s right for you.That day will come to you, I promise. You couldn't have told me that today I would be where I am. Never. But it happens. And life is so much better once you let it Have patience and for now, take all the time that you need but try not to go back to that same old love when there are so many better and more exciting loves that you have yet to find. That person who is right for you, they're out there. Don't give up. Because YOU deserve the best love too.