Dear Mother Nature,

As part of the human race, we have disappointed you in many ways. On behalf of us, I would like to apologize for all the harm we have done to you. We have ignored the signs you are sending us as a cry for help. We have taken advantage of you and used you for our greed. We have been blind to see that we share this planet with you instead of using your for our needs and wants. I thank you also for your endless beauty and for giving us a chance to see what you have to offer.

A lot of the human population have ignored the fact that they are neglecting you. They don’t see that your beautiful mountains are degrading, the ice caps in Antarctica are melting, your beautiful creatures are going extinct, or what they are doing is harming every aspect of the nature that supports their lives. You have given us so much and we have taken you for granted.

You have been around for billions of years and yet within the past 30 years or more we have treated you the worst. We have exposed you to exploitations for your resources by ripping up parts of the planet for oil and other resources. We have used you to become rich and make money off of you. We have used your animals for the clothes on our bodies when their are other resources you offer us. We ignore the natural resources you gives us because it is not “convenient” or does not make privatized companies money.

And you fight us every step of the way to give us a warning to what all of this is doing to you. You have destroyed land by natural disasters such as: Hurricane Katrina, the Thailand Tsunami, the massive earthquake in Japan, and so many more. You have created massive flooding, increased the heat of the planet, and gave us out of the ordinary weather.. You are trying to show us that our impact on you and the planet is destroying you.

We should be helping you because you have helped us so much. Thank you for dealing with us. Thank you for giving us a place to live. For giving us nothing but beautiful sights. For giving us food, water, and resources. And you want to help more, but the stress is shattering you little by little. There’s only so much one could take after all. The most recent news have to be a major sign that everything we are doing is shattering you. I am sorry for your recent loss of the breath taking Coral Reef. We need to help you as you warn us with signs of extinction of the bees and extinction of the sharks. We won’t realize how much we need you and the animals we exist with until all of it is gone.

Taking advantage of you needs to stop. The rest of the human race needs to see that the constant use of energy, the exhaust of their cars, the overuse of water, the killing of innocent animals, and so much more is ruining you every step of the way. Using other resources without exploiting you could help you and us in the long run. Such as using solar energy, water energy, or wind energy in a major source of energy. Or using alternative energy for vehicles instead of oil which destroys you and can impact us. We need to join those who are wanting to help you. Because at the end of the day, not only are we are hurting you, we are hurting ourselves. Without you, we cannot survive. Without trees, water, stable land, food, and shelter we will leave when you leave. We need to make a change before you decide to leave us. I truly am sorry for all the harsh habits we have created that is demolishing you. Climate change exists and you have made that loud and clear. I hope we can do whatever it takes to give you the healing powers you deserve.

Sorry once again,

One concerned human being