An Open Letter To My Brothers
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An Open Letter To My Brothers

To all the brothers out there: you is kind, you is smart, you is important.

An Open Letter To My Brothers

Dear Birth Best Friends,

Sit down and buckle up: This feels train is about to come at you like a wrecking ball. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world just to have known you for 18 wonderful years. I know I don’t say it enough, but I truly love you with my entire heart. I’m sure growing up with an overly sensitive, fragile little creature such as myself wasn’t the easiest task, but someone had to do it. I’m just blessed that I was born with two older brothers to guide me through the struggle bus known as life. No amount of thank-yous could possibly compensate for your wonderful contributions to my life, but in my best attempt, here goes nothing.

Thank you for supporting me in my successes and failures

From day one I never had to worry about going through scary situations alone. I always had you. You were there for every opening night, basketball game, dance recital, halftime performance, and milestone I achieved. You proudly displayed my achievements on every social media platform out there and encouraged others to celebrate my successes. When the going got tough, however, your presence was still there and stronger than ever. By standing by my side through every trial and tribulation that came my way I was able to overcome these obstacles because I had you. My hardships became your hardships. When I ugly-cried, you ugly-cried. And if I ever needed a shoulder to cry on, yours was always open and unconcerned with possible makeup stains (sorry for ruining some shirts on the real, though).

Thank you for making me strong

It goes without saying that growing up with you really gave me a reason to use my backbone. While you held my hand when I needed it, you also knew when it was time to let go. You pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone, ultimately shaping me into the young, bad-b woman I am today. You helped me realize that I am completely capable of going about things on my own both physically and mentally. You never failed to keep me on my toes and through this I was able to develop a thick skin. Needless to say, those “accidental” black eyes were pretty uncalled for. #ForgiveButNeverForget. Still, by treating me just as you would any other person, you taught me how to never set limits or stereotypes for myself or others. I feel like I can now go out into the world with my held head high and never feel compelled to take shit from anyone.

Thank you for protecting me

Looking back, I know now that there was nothing you wouldn’t have done for me. You were never embarrassed to let others know that I was your little sister even when I acted like a super freak for half my life. You were never afraid to set rude boys in their place, even if it meant making enemies. I owe you big time for all of the times you covered for me. Even though my attitude might’ve been sky high whenever you went through your “dad” moments, I appreciated them always. You made sure I was always safe in every environment or setting that I came into contact with. I mean, you still walk me to work and watch me clock in — that’s dedication. I’m convinced that you Facebook-stalk every name that I mention that sounds remotely male, and even though I act totally mortified, I’m completely fine with it. You’re the real MVP for caring as much as you do.

Thank you for serving as a role model

Having our parents help guide our decisions is one thing, but having you as a reference point is something on a level of its own. It’s easy to look at you and feel inspired. You not only show me the right way to go about situations but the wrong way as well. Being able to go to you for advice on college and careers is beyond helpful since you’ve been there and done that. You’ve also taught me some pretty valuable life lessons: to do what makes me happy, to always be myself, and to never make eye contact with sketchy characters. You’ve also taught me that chugging a gallon of milk is never a good idea, and when in doubt, nap it out. From growing up with you I’ve realized that life is better lived with laughter and joy. I’ve seen the light in not taking myself too seriously and in the cases where I stress myself out, you’re always there to chill me out. Shout-out to always helping a literal sister out.

Thank you for being my friend

You love me for who I am and that’s all anyone could ever ask for. You’ve always managed to balance the roles of part time best friends and full time brothers. I never feel uncomfortable coming to you with my issues, no matter how small or irrelevant they are. Nothing brings my heart greater joy to see that trust reciprocated when you share your lady, work, school, etc. problems with me as well. I hope you know that I appreciate everything you do from driving to Walmart at 11 p.m. for feminine products to listening to my rants about celebrities that don’t even know I’m alive. You’re the coolest unpaid Uber driver out there, and my literal ride-or-die. In the words of Drizzy Drake, “you’re my right hand, you’re my go-to.”

Without you I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have the motivation to chase my dreams or the courage to be my true self. I wouldn’t be educated in all things super-hero related and let’s just say my "Super Smash Bros" skills would be way worse than they already are. I’m not saying that without you I would be lonely, but without you I would be hella lonely. Because of you I’m a fairly cool human, and I love that pieces of your character reflect back onto me. I can’t even lie, sometimes I feel like boxing you every now and then but I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Here’s to our future, blood brothers/sister for life, homie!


Your favorite (only) little sister

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