To the Mom Who Gives the World
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From Daughter To Mother, You Are The World

You have gone through so many challenges in your life and you still manage to bring so much love and joy into everyone's lives.

From Daughter To Mother, You Are The World
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Dear Mom,

Once upon a time, there lived an amazing woman her name was Beverly. She raised three little boys all by herself because her knight in shining armor was a flop. For years she had to provide for those little boys all by herself putting their wants and needs before her own like the wonderful mother she is.

When times were tough she picked up side jobs in order to make ends meet. One Christmas she bought a heated blanket for her sons because they were living in a place with no heating. The boys shared a bed to stay warm while she would sleep on the couch. Then one day after being alone for so long she met a man named Joe at a Chinese restaurant with her friends. She was skeptical at first and tried setting her friend up with him but he turned her down because he really wanted to be with Beverly.

They would talk for hours and have coffee together. She was hesitant to tell him about her children because she didn't know if he/his family would accept her because she had already been married and had children but to her surprise, he loved those little boys and his family loved them and treated them like family even before they really were. Joe knew he had to help her out in any way he could so he did everything he could to get better housing, at least something with heat.

At the time Joe was a real estate agent and found her a place to live that was big enough for her and the boys. Eventually, when her boys were older and moved out she ends up moving out of that place and buying a house with Joe. They got married and within a few years, they were pregnant. Both hoping for a girl because Beverly already had three boys and it would be nice to change things up. I wasn't really planned so my mom had me when she was forty-three and my dad was fifty.

They didn't want to know if I was a boy or a girl until the doctor was holding me in his hands so when the day came the doctor looked at my mom and dad and said 'well there's no Isaac here' (the name I was going to have if I was a boy). They were thrilled especially Joe that right after I was born and they were wheeling me away he followed behind leaving my mom in the recovery room.

My dad would stay by my side watching every little facial expression and hearing every little noise I would make because I was his first child and he was so thankful that he was able to have a daughter. No longer did my mom have to do everything by herself she had someone who was by her side helping provide for her and their little family.

I couldn't be more thankful for the parents I have and the memories I have made. Even now when things are difficult with my dad passing away back in 2013 and having to move from my childhood home to renting a place to now having a place of our own. I am thankful for all the decisions my mom has had to make and I'm lucky to have such an amazing relationship with her.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for not isolating yourself from everyone after daddy passed away. Thank you for being my rock and my protector through thick and thin. Love you forever and always your daughter.

-Sincerely Your Loving Girl

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