To my loving father,

I honestly do not even know where to start, other than by saying I am so incredibly blessed to be your daughter.

There are so many things that I see in myself, that I know I picked from you. For one, you are so motivated in everything that you do. You set your mind to something, and no matter how crazy the idea may be, you somehow find a way to do it. For instance, you had a dream house-- and you built it-- all on your own. Everything that I decide that I want to do, I complete, thanks to you. And for that, I am blessed.

You have given me everything I've ever wanted, my entire world. Not materialistically, but in other ways. You have pushed me to achieve every dream I've ever had, telling me nothing is too insane to shoot for. You have never stopped encouraging me, whether it was from the sidelines at every cringe-worthy sports game, in the audience at a performance, or at the kitchen table reading my newest piece of work. You have given me everything, and for that, I am blessed.

You make life so much fun. I know I am probably not the most joyful person to be around all the time, but you always greet me every day with the biggest smile on your face, a smile that makes anyone grin right back. You have so much love for everything in life, and you want to share every great moment with the people you love. And for that, I am blessed.

You enjoy the most out of the smallest things in life. You appreciate every sun that sets over the lake, and watch them from the deck. You appreciate every early morning workout, and still seize the day after. You appreciate every bowl of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. These little moments are what make your personality so great, and for that, I am blessed.

I could go on and on talking about how lucky I am to be your daughter. And every daughter would probably say the same about their father. But every single time you look at me and tell me how much I remind you of yourself, it reassures me of how great of a person I am, and how wonderful of a job you did raising me.

And for that, I am blessed.

Love you endlessly,

Your daughter.