Open Letter To My Best Friend

Open Letter To My Best Friend

Most of all, thank you for showing me what it really means to have a best friend who never lets me deal with life alone


Dear Best Friend,

Whether we met in elementary school or if we met last year, you have been the person who I know I can always turn to. You are the first person I can call when I think that my world is ending, or when I think that things couldn’t be better. Best friend, you are always there for everything, big or small, relevant or irrelevant.

Thank you for all the long phone calls where I probably cried for like 45 minutes and you just waited until I was done to give me the advice I didn’t want to hear, but knew I needed to take: Or the long phone calls when I am unsure about my future and need reassurance to move forward. We wouldn’t still be friends if you didn’t tell me the ugly truth when it was the hardest to hear. I appreciate that we are almost the same person, so I can be myself and know that there will never be judgement. You have been the voice of reason for me. Whether it was about a boy who wouldn’t be good for me or about whether or not something was a good decision.

No matter what we are doing, we always find a way to make the most of it and find inside jokes that we never let go. Even if we are watching a movie, we find a line that we could use in every conversation for the next three months, or play the same song on repeat in the car. Then send each other ugly snapchat videos of us singing our favorite part of the song. Thank you for not screenshotting my really ugly-faced snapchats.

Most of all, thank you for showing me what it really means to have a best friend who never lets me deal with life alone. Thank you for all the laughs, memories, and making the bad times better. No matter where life takes us this fall, I know that I have a friendship that will last a lifetime. Even though there will be miles and miles between us, FaceTime and our daily ugly snapchats won’t let our bond become broken, even though we will make new friends and build a life for ourselves in our new homes.

I love you and thank you for helping me become the person that I am today.


Your best friend

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