An Open Letter To My High School Best Friends
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An Open Letter To My High School Best Friends

Here's to my gal pals: you know who you are.

An Open Letter To My High School Best Friends
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"The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world."

To the one who's always been there: You have been by my side since the beginning. There's no one I feel more comfortable with, no one I trust more. There's no one else's house I could march right on into at any hour of the day, yell "Honey, I'm home", and rid the fridge of any and all cookie dough.

You have taught me that despite what they say, your best friend from before high school can still be your best friend during and after high school. From you I've learned that I will always have someone I can count on, a shoulder I can cry on, no matter how ridiculous the circumstance.

My stubborn, protective, beautifully independent friend, thank you for being brutally honest, and for holding me accountable. Thank you for always being ready to beat down anyone who tried to get in the way of my success (even though I've never let you), and for being so protective of me. You've taught me countless life lessons throughout the years, and I know you'd agree that I probably wouldn't have made it this long if it weren't for you.

To my completely nonidentical, identical twin: You and I may not look alike, but you better believe we'll wear virtually the same outfit without planning it at least twice a week. You know what I'm thinking before I ever say it. I can look in your direction at any given moment and know by your facial expressions that you're thinking the same exact thing I am, thanks to our "bff telepathy".

You've taught me that a best friend doesn't have to be someone you've known your entire life, but someone you don't know how you ever lived without. If it wasn't for you, I would never have a decent Instagram caption or comeback, and my eyeliner would be hopelessly un-winged.

My globe-trotting, America-loving, personal makeup artist, thank you for coming into my life when you did. I don't know where I'd be without you, but it certainly wouldn't be with a 100 average in math. I cherish our rants and random concerts of The Spice Girls' "Wannabe". I will forever be the "Sporty Spice" to your "Baby Spice".

To the one who wears her heart on her sleeve: You are so unique, my dear. Keeping yourself amused and the rest of us confused is one of your many talents, and that's exactly why I love you so. You can cry at the drop of a hat like no one else. I've never met anyone so emotional that they can cry happy tears while reading a walmart birthday card as if it was a brand new Mercedes; honey let's face it, you're a hot mess, but at least you're a beautiful mess.

I've learned from you that there's nothing wrong with being soft-hearted. You've made me realize the beauty in emotions. You've shown me that it's okay to be unashamedly myself, that there's no reason to hide who I am from anyone.

My silly, heartfelt-gift-giving, wonderfully emotional disaster, I admire your caring ways, and how you're never afraid to reach out to someone in need. You may drive me crazy when you try testing out new vocabulary words and misuse them, but my high school years wouldn't be half as memorable without you. You keep doing you, baby girl.

To the almighty queen of the messy bun: Not only do you have the rare talent of flawlessly pulling off the stylishly homeless look with your perfect hair and natural face, but you march to the beat of your own drum. You don't worry about what other's think. You are so incredibly carefree, and I aspire to become more like you.

You have taught me the importance of caring for yourself, and not being concerned with the ridiculous standards society sets. You've shown me the meaning of having true self confidence. You've reminded me that there are still girls our age that are trustworthy, and I could never thank you enough for that.

My witty, happy-go-lucky, ray of sunshine, I'm so thankful you and I have become closer again during our senior year. (I'm still holding onto the hope that your tactful abilities will rub off on me), but until then I'll be among those laughing like an idiot at your masterful use of sarcasm. You can make me laugh like no other. Life wouldn't be anywhere near as entertaining without you.

To my political debating partner: You amaze me with your knowledge of American politics and the Bible. Your love for Ronald Reagan and Jesus is what makes you, you; not to mention it's also the basis of the majority of our conversations, and we have the best conversations. Though our views may differ from time to time, I still respect your opinion more than most.

You teach me more and more each day about "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". You're constantly reminding me of what it means to life your life for Christ, and that is something I really value in our friendship that a lot of people aren't lucky enough to have.

My strong willed, Reagan-loving, patriotic pal, you are blessed with a rare combination of wisdom and innocence that I admire more than you'll ever know. I will forever appreciate our little political debates, and it amazes me how we can be so different and yet so alike at the same time. The days would be so dull without your opinions and your adorable nervous laughter.

To our very own Kardashian sister: You might as well be a supermodel because you are the finest girl I know. Not only are you stunningly beautiful, you have a good heart and good head on your shoulders. You are smart and athletic, self-sufficient and compassionate. You're never afraid to stand up for what you believe in, or defend those who can't defend themselves. For these reasons, you've become one of my personal role models.

You've shown me why it's so important to understand my self-worth, and to never let anyone make me feel less than. From you I've learned that true beauty isn't about owning the newest naked pallete, or having the latest fashion trend around the school, but more about expressing yourself, and wearing what makes you feel beautiful.

My independent, intelligent, motivational speech giver, I'm so glad we've become better friends in the last couple years. You are so focused on your future and reaching your full potential, and I couldn't be more proud of you for that. You are going to go so far in this life, my dear. Please don't ever change.

So here's to the friends who aren't too proud to pray for you, cry for you, and hope for you, the friends who understand that life gets busy, but when we see each other there's nothing but love.

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