Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Every little girl at some point dreams about her wedding day. Images of what she would wear, who her bridesmaids would be, where would she travel for the honeymoon danced around her mind. For me, however, I was more preoccupied with the idea of who would be standing by me through the most important day--and decision--of my life.

I've always envisioned you to be all of the stereotypical desires like handsome--but in a rugged way, athletic, a handy-man, great with kids, loves animals...basically all of the things any little girl would wish for in a future husband. For some reason, I always searched deeper than that. I've always pictured you to be kind...and I don't mean kind in the most literal sense. For you--my husband--to be kind, I need you to be kind to more than just me. My family and friends are an extension of who I am as a person, therefore I expect you to offer them the same kindness and compassion that you habitually shower me with.

I hope for adventure in all aspects of our newly intertwined lives! Whether it's in the bedroom or a spontaneous road trip to no-where in particular or even just trying something new and different for the hell of it! The point is, I don't want us to become complacent and withdrawn--I want everyday to be new, exciting and unknown.

I want a big family--and more importantly I want you to want a big family. I imagine laughter and gleeful moments/memories filling our home for years to come. I need our children to feel safe, secure, but above all I need our children to be loved. No one should feel left out because our family is a family of equals; equally loved, equally respected and equally cherished.

I see us being like the McDreamy's and loving each other even when we hate each other (yes, that is a Grey's Anatomy reference--don't judge!) We're the type of couple that knows what we share is a rare find, and because of that we refuse to let go. We're only interested in growing as a couple, not fixated on holding onto and drudging up the past. We recognize that we are not fused at the hip, and that we are in fact individuals. We welcome space to be by ourselves because we know--and respect the fact--that everybody needs and is entitled to alone time.

Until then, I wait in anticipation when this time in our life can become a reality. I cannot wait to finally meet you and embark on this amazing journey that is destined for us as we grow old together. So thank you, future husband, for all of the amazing, sad, dramatic, and over-all life changing future that we will one day have!


Your Future Wife

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