An Open Letter To All Those Who Tell Me That I Have Too Much On My Plate
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An Open Letter To All Those Who Tell Me That I Have Too Much On My Plate

Too much on my plate? At least I won't be hungry later.

An Open Letter To All Those Who Tell Me That I Have Too Much On My Plate
Janetleigh Vennare

Let me lead with yes; you're absolutely right. Between college and bartending classes, my two jobs, and trying to keep a social life, it's not often I have an "off" day. If I'm not in class, I'm probably scheduled to work. If I'm not at work, I'm studying; and before you tell me that my grades will slip if I don't "take it easy," I'm maintaining a healthy 3.7 GPA which leaves me sitting pretty on the Dean's list. Everyone is always so curious about your life and what you have going on, but seems to me that you can never win; You're either deemed to be, "overwhelming yourself" or, "just being lazy." So, examine my workload and deem me "overwhelming myself," but let me tell you a little secret: I'm not even close.

I believe that I will accomplish whatever I set my mind on, as long as I work at it.

I'm not "gifted" by any means. I work my butt off maintaining good grades and learning in all my classes. I'm not "smart," I just know I need to apply myself to achieve my goals. So if that means working two jobs to pay for classes, and/or going to a four hour night class right after my 9-5 shift, then that's what I'm going to do. I have to study on my break to pass my test? So be it. I will handle it. It's easier to avoid challenge than it is to face it, but where will that get you? Yes, it's extremely hard; Balancing everything is no easy task, but that's exactly why you need to support people who are. Tell your college student who's working two jobs that you're proud of them. Tell your best friend who's taking classes to better themselves that they made the right decision and encourage them. You might even be that person balancing going to school, working, and/or taking care of your family, and you are doing a great job. We need to support and motivate each other, and if you can't be supportive of others, then just keep your mouth shut. If more people were motivators, imagine what could be accomplished. So to everyone telling me (and everyone else) that I've got too much on my plate: at least one of us will be full. Thank you for your "concern" or whatever, but I got this.

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