After yet another school shooting, don’t give up.

Yes it is scary.

Coming from a future teacher, I am terrified, but I am not going to live my life in fear. If anything this will push me to be a better teacher. A teacher that wants my student’s to succeed in the classroom.

Anything can happen anywhere so why live life in fear.

Be brave, do not show your fear to your students, do not let them think something is going to happen.

Follow the given procedures that the school provides, they are there for a reason. You practice the drills but secretly you think, what if? What if it actually happens at our school? You brush those thoughts out of your head because you don’t want to think about it. So you go through the motions and ignore the news when the newest headline comes out about another school shooting.

Those innocent lives that are taken each time and the panic that occurs when we see on the news that another school was attacked.

But. Don’t give up.

Be brave and show your student’s your strength. Keep teaching them and wanting them to succeed. Teach them more than just the material from the textbooks. Teach them to be brave. Teach them to believe in themselves. Teach them to love themselves. Teach them to reach for the stars. Teach them to make their dreams come true. Teach them that their best is good enough.

You are their role model. You are the person that they look up to. You spend more time with them then their parents probably do, do not take that time for granted.

That is your job, so as hard as it is, try to forget what is going on in the world. When entering school, put that out of your head. Remember your purpose for coming in those doors every morning. Your students need you.