At Randolph College there are many traditions we follow, one of which is Pumpkin Parade. Pumpkin Parade involves both Seniors and Sophomores. The Sophomores (me) get to pick our seniors (Alexis, fellow Odyssey writer for Randolph’s community). Over the course of a few days we lay out gifts for each other and Sophomores carve a pumpkin to give and help introduce themselves to his or her senior. Finally, Pumpkin Parade ends with a serenade and parade between the sister classes. Here is an open letter to my senior:

Dear Alexis,

Although I did not know anything but your name and position at Odyssey when I first picked you, I would not have changed it. It was fun getting to know someone new, especially at Randolph. I’ll admittedly say I was worried when I first got someone I did not know as my senior. However, from the moment I saw Harry Potter on your interest page, I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful parade.

While making your gifts I referenced some of your favorite things with a little bit of basic-girl DIY. I am really glad you like all of your things. As for the gifts you made me... they are AWESOME! I would like you to know that I use the book, pen, bookmarks, and the chocolate is almost gone already… #SorryNotSorry. Your personalized letters meant a lot to me and all of your gifts made me smile.

Pumpkin Parade night was fun too. I definitely made some memories with you and your friends, all good. I really enjoyed actually getting to know you more though experience rather than just a piece of paper you filled out. I hope you enjoyed my company too.

When everything is said and done I very simply want you to have a great and memorable senior year which I hope I was a helpful part of. I know that this experience had helped me in a number of ways. It helped me become closer to great people like you, the community of Randolph, and truly appreciate life behind the red brick wall. I will cherish this experience as just one of the spectacular memories of my years here at Randolph, all I wish is that I helped you say the same.

Sincerely your Sophomore,

Teagan Stanley