Thirty years. I know you're wondering where the time has gone, don't worry everyone else is too. In your 30 years, at least the 20 I was there for, you touched the lives of more people than imaginable. You are always the person everyone can call on and trust. I know you saved so many people and helped everyone you could.

Growing up I loved having you as my own superhero. I remember bringing you to my preschool and showing everyone your badges and cool car. All my classmates loved it and I did too.

I know you had the worst schedule ever all the time, but you still made it to all of my softball games and even found time to coach. Which was a trainwreck in itself but now I can appreciate it. You always took the time to force me to practice and always pushed me to be the best even when I fought you over it.

You're the person I call when I'm sad, happy, excited confused. You always send me the best dog pictures and think about me always. When my first boyfriend went to college I remember you left a card telling me it would get better. You're always my original valentine and the best friend a girl could get.

You're the reason I'm so loving and the reason I'm a jokester. You taught me some of the best life lessons that I've even passed on to other people.

I'll miss going to the airport to pet the drug and bomb dogs. I'll miss you walking me through security onto flights and hugging you before I got on. I'll miss meeting all your guys and bringing you donuts.

I'm proud of your past 30 years working for Broward Sheriff but I'm so excited for the next 30 years. I'm excited for you to not be tired from work and not have to deal with pains in the butt.

I love you dad, congratulations on retiring.