An Open Letter To My Person Who's Away At College

We'd all like to think we have that one person in our lives who is our person. The person that, when times get tough, is right there on the sideline cheering you on. I'm lucky enough to have found my person. As Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang say in Grey's Anatomy, "You're my person. You will always be my person." Unfortunately, she's 18 hours and 1,291 miles away from me.

To My Person,

First off, I miss you. There's not a day that goes by that we don't talk, whether it's through text or social media, and I wouldn't have that any other way. Eight months ago, our friendship was introduced to that ruthless goodbye that no friendship wants to encounter. The moment we said goodbye, you hopped on a plane to go to college halfway across the country to pursue your dreams while I stayed on the East coast to attend a local university to fulfill my dreams. Life is about choices and the impact of the choices we make. The choice you made was out of my control, and though it was hard to see you off, I wouldn't want anything else for you! Since then, we've seen each other on holidays and we've talked about how excited we are to just leap into a giant hug. In one month, we will once again jump into each other's arms as if we've spent years apart from each other.

This semester of college is finally coming to an end (can we get a round of applause for that?!). You have survived freshmen year of college, and I have survived my junior year of college. Those are two big milestones in our lives! I remember throughout the summer we talked about how you are finally going away to college, and how excited I was to see my best friend chasing her dreams as a D1 athlete. When we were standing in your driveway that summer night in August, we were finally categorized as that friendship that says “It’s only goodbye for now, and we’ll see one another on [insert closes holiday here]!” We embraced in a hug that felt like it lasted for an hour when, in reality, it was just 30 seconds long. Driving home, I came to the realization that everything was going to be different now and that this was a new adventure for both of us. An adventure that has been amazing, to say the least.

We both matured this past school year. You were 18 hours away discovering yourself, and I could not be prouder of who my best friend has become during her freshmen year of college. Through the ups and downs, we still managed to make each other a priority, and that's a true friendship. As you began a new life, I began new adventures as well. You and I would talk on the phone and you would talk about all those new friends of yours and all of those new experiences you were having. In the beginning, a slight wave of jealously came across me, as I was terrified I would be replaced. I took a step back, laughed it off, and thought, that’s impossible because she’s my person. We can’t be replaced in each other’s lives. Friends are going to come and go in both our lives, but we will always be in each others. As I’d go on social media, I would see pictures of you and a group of girls I can’t wait to one day meet. Because those girls are making you smile, which makes me smile. College is about embracing the people around you and making lifelong friends! It's about discovering yourself and I only want what is best for you! The best part about us making new friends is, our friend circle will get bigger with even cooler, wackier people that are just like you and me!

I can’t wait for the moment when I finally get the chance to come visit you. The moment we hit all the local hot spots on and off campus that you’ve told me so much about (Tally’s, McAllister’s, and ACAC). The moment when I surprise you on campus by Face-Timing you and I'm actually on your campus and you have to come and find me. The moment I finally meet your new friends that I have heard so many great things about and practically feel as if they’re my friends too. The moment we experience college TOGETHER for a short few days. The moment we build more memories. Those little moments are what I live for.

So as we continue being 1,291 miles away from one another, I will continue to support you in all of your choices whether they’re good or bad, and will continue to stalk your social media to see how your life is playing out...because what are best friends for, right?! We both will continue to grow as people. As I prepare to enter my final year of undergraduate, and you begin your sophomore year of undergraduate, we will continue this long distance friendship that is ever so heart-wrenching at times. We will continue being updated on one another’s lives through phone calls, social media (this might be the only time I’m glad social media plays a big part in today’s society) because we both know sometimes we can get so caught up in life and experiences that we may just not have the time to always talk. As we go our separate ways in life, we will always be in other another’s lives because you are my person and someone like you only comes around once in a lifetime. I know this is cliche to say, but true friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in the heart. As this comes to a close, just remember no matter what, I am only a phone call away. I love you, and thank you for being my person!


Your person

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