Dear you guys,

8 weeks ago I never would've thought I would have found my little college family, but luckily, I have. You guys are all so amazing and I can't believe that I have been blessed with this quirky little group.

It's weird to think that I haven't always been friends with you guys. Our group just seems so natural and relevant. If I'm honest, sometimes I just think about you guys when I'm sad or lonely and I remember how lucky I am to have a group of friends like you. It's nice to have a group of people that support and love each other as much as we do. We have all the cliche roles, The mom friend, the matchmaker, the genius, the music lover, and the Disney princess.

There is just so much to appreciate about this little group. We all have amazing memories and will create so much more as the next four years continue.

I just want to thank you all for just being you. You have made the transition to college so much easier and a lot more fun. You guys have already given me so many chances to laugh and smile along with you.

I love our little family. I love you guys.

So, here's to us. Here's to the next four years and hopefully more after that.