An Open Letter To My Mom's Best Friend

An Open Letter To My Mom's Best Friend

Family Isn’t Always Blood. It’s The People In Your Life Who Want You In Theirs. The Ones Who Accept You For Who You Are. The Ones Who Would Do Anything To See You Smile, And Who Love You No Matter What.


Dear Mom's best friend,

I thank my lucky stars every day that she met you a little over thirty years ago. You have always been a voice of reason and a solid rock for her to lean on. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that goes both ways. I have always said to her that I want to have a friendship with my best friend like she has with you. Recently I told her that Michelle is my Lori.

Not only have you been there for my mom but you have been there for my sister and myself. Keeping us overnight when we were kids when our parents were out of town, making our favorite foods that only you make best like dumplings, waffles, and fresh pumpkin pie, and providing endless glasses of milk when the Chili was to spicy.

Every year the two of you would make a trip to New York City. Thank you for tagging along as my mom searched store after store for my rain boots. I still have them and wear them.

Thank you for opening your home and sharing your family with us. Your boys are like the older brothers I never received but always wanted. I love spending Christmas at your house and seeing your tree all lit with candles. I always feel like Christmas isn't complete until we have stopped at your house for a visit.

You are one of the eaisest people for me to shop for at Christmas time. It's because all I have to say is "If I like it Mommy Lori will love it." Over the Years I have picked out fun yarn, funky socks and crazy kitchen utensils.

I will never forget the night you couldn't get to your house because of the flood so you came to mine. It worked out well because my house was flooding as well and a neighbor who had come to help me was able to go with you and help you.

In closing I'd like to say thank you once again for everything you have done. Thank you for hosting Christmas every year, for making dumplings for me and pumpkin pie for my sister and for being my mom's best friend. I know she truly treasures all of the memories that she shares with you. I love you, Mommy Lori!


Your Best Friends Daughter

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