An Open Letter To The Men Of Ohio University's ACACIA Fraternity

An Open Letter To The Men Of Ohio University's ACACIA Fraternity

Let me start off by saying thank you.


To The Men Of ACACIA Fraternity,

There have been a lot of rumors flying around campus about your members, specifically those who live in "Blue House." These rumors were sparked last November by users of an anonymous social media app, Yik Yak. Shortly after, this caused an organization unaffiliated with Ohio University, F--ckRapeCulture, to create a petition to ban your chapter from campus. More recently, you've been blindsided by the OU Student Union after a tipsheet was distributed during the Campus Involvement Fair. Wow, talk about a rough year.

However, during all of this negative publicity, you have continued to be the gentlemen that I know you all are. You are so much more than what these hideous rumors are making you out to be. Your chapter's pride in brotherhood, leadership, philanthropy and academics is admirable, and I wish more people would recognize that about ACACIA. This is the behavior that I believe you are "notorious for."

I bet people don't know that you volunteered time out of your day to not only set up, but help tear down, the Campus Involvement Fair (where the Student Union passed out that tipsheet, might I add). I bet people don't know that you raised just under $28,000 for pancreatic cancer research from 5cacia this year. I bet people don't know that your chapter is only 5 percent of Greek life but raised 26 percent of all money toward philanthropy. I bet people don't know that you have donated over 600 coats the past two winters for those in need. I bet people don't know that about 15 of your members will always attend every sorority philanthropy event just to show ACACIA is supporting them. I bet people don't know that you have volunteered over 950 service hours just this past year. I bet people don't know a lot about the selfless things you do for this campus.

You should feel very proud to wear your letters while you walk down Court Street as you have achieved so much as a chapter. I'm going to say something that you all don't hear enough: thank you. Your generosity has fueled this community and it truly hurts my heart to know there are people out there that think otherwise. More personally, you have been nothing but the greatest friends that someone could ask for. With all of that being said, I will continue to stand behind your incredible chapter and hope others will stand with me after reading this.

Sincerely Yours,
A Proud Friend

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