An Open Letter To Those Who Came Into My Life And Left

An Open Letter To Those Who Came Into My Life And Left

We've all lost important people along the way.

We have all lost important people in our lives, even sometimes those we thought would never walk through that door. More often than not, people choose to resent those who left their lives, but seeing those situations in a different light gives much more satisfaction. To those who came into my life and left, thank you.

Thank you for walking into my life and making unforgettable memories with me, thank you for filling pages of a chapter in this book and thank you for serving a purpose at one point in my life when you were meant to be there. I can't bring myself to be anything but thankful for the fact that you were put in my life at a certain point for a reason. You all have helped mold me into the person I am today and all I can be is grateful for that.

Thank you for highlighting those who were meant to stay in my life and stick by my side and for leaving sooner rather than later before I had already built my life with you in it to only realize myself that you were just temporary. As you closed doors on me, I had yet to see that they would be opened again by the permanent and more worthy people who walked into my life after you walked out. As I am more than grateful for those who filled the void that you left, I'm even more grateful for you, the ones who came into my life and left, because you helped me learn who would be there by my side and who would serve a more important purpose in my life. So with that, thank you,for making room for bigger and better things and people to enter my life.

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