An open letter to my one year old godson

Don’t grow up too fast

Dear Nigel,

The year is currently is 2017 and I am writing this letter to you as a 19-year-old college student. Nigel, you are only a year old and are already developing a little personality. When you were born, I was so excited to hold you and kiss you (like the rest of our family). Nigel, I watched you grow for the past year and I just want to tell you how amazing it is to continue to always watch you grow. When you were a few months old, anyone who held you had to support your little head as we carried you. Now, you don’t even like being carried anymore because you are running around everywhere. Ashish and I would take you into town in your cute stroller. We would go into the deli, and the people just knew you and also watched you grow because you are so hard to forget. Whenever we didn’t bring you to the deli, the employees would always ask about where you were! You were never a problem to go out with. I knew some babies who would fuss or make a big deal out of going out, but not you. In my eyes and our whole families, you are perfect.

Now that you are walking, I can’t catch up to you because you are running and walking all over the place. You are already saying little words and phrases like “apple”, “banana”, and you laugh whenever I looked at you real close and say “pumpkin.” Your laugh is filled with life and love, and I know you put a smile on everyone’s face. I can tell you will always have a little mischievous side because whenever we say “Nigel, don’t touch” you smile and say “I touch.” Everyone who hears you say that laughs and kisses you because you are so irresistible.

Now, you are probably wondering why I am writing this letter, but it is to tell you thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance to be closer to your parents. When you were born, I was afraid of losing touch with your parents because new babies are hard in the beginning, but not you. I am so close with your parents Joanna and Steven. I even get a chance to see my godmother, Pandora, and the rest more often too. Thank you for always putting a smile on my grandmother’s face. She was struggling until you were born; now she can’t get enough of you. When she looks at you, it’s the way she looked at us when we were your age. It warms my heart to see my grandmother's face so full of life because of you.

When I got the announcement and was asked to be your godmother, I was so excited! I know how special you are to me already and being your godmother only makes me more honored. Your christening was beautiful and I had such a blast. You were the center of attention, and everyone held you and kissed you because it was your day. I know you are only one right now, but I wish it could stay this way forever.

I’m writing this letter to remind you to enjoy your youth. I know how smart you are and I know you have so much potential. You are going to do so well in school and get all the ladies with that dashing smile and your eyes. You are a perfect mixture of your parents; make sure to always appreciate them. I see how hard they work every day for you never forget to thank them for everything. I love you, Nigel. Thank you for teaching a college student a lesson she couldn’t learn in the classroom.


Your Nouna (godmother)