Dear Dad,

I hope you figure out how to read this. Just in case, I'll text you the link so it's easier for you to find!

Just wanted to say thank you for being the best man I know and for being the absolute best father a girl could ever ask for. You are one of the most generous, intelligent, and loving people in my life. All of my friends love you, and sometimes I think they might like you more than they like me. It's fine; I can understand why. I don't mind it :)

I want to thank you for giving me an amazing male figure in my life to look up to. You have taught me what to look for in a man and shown me how I deserve to be treated by a man. And not only me, but you've taught my brothers, your sons, what it means to be a man. You have taught and shown us all how to be selfless for the ones we love, how to work hard, and how to be kind to everyone we meet. You have shown us how important family is, and for that I am so thankful.

I want to say thank you for never failing to make me smile. Whether it is by showing off your whip and nae nae or singing Bruno Mars, you truly are a joy to everyone around you. I also appreciate your tweets that are always hyping me up, including the many crucial hashtags. Those are truly the bomb, and I don't know why you aren't Twitter famous yet.

I'm grateful for your support in any and all of my endeavors, whether I'm running for president of my high school or singing in a talent show.

When I was in first grade and sang "Breaking Rree" from High School Musical in the school talent show in front of hundreds of kids and parents, it was your cheers that I still remember to this day. When I decided I was more interested in theatre than sports, you made sure you invited the whole family to my first show. And from then, on you made it to every show and still cheered the same way.

I'm pretty sure in my high school shows you actually came to every single performance of every single show because you wanted to. At almost every 12-hour dance competition you still danced along in the audience pumping up the whole crowd. During my team's dances you would stand up and fist pump and clap along in your neon green shirt, and that got you to be our official number one fan that season. I honestly was so proud.

I appreciate your hugs, your encouraging texts and how you always remind me that you're proud of me. You demonstrate God's love in so many ways and show what a man of Christ looks like.

I know I don't say thank you enough, so here are just a few reasons why I am so eternally grateful for you.

Even though I'm sort of grown up now, please know that you will always be so important to me, and you're one of my favorite people in the whole world and ALWAYS will be. Thank you for being my number one fan. I love you.


Your daughter

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