Dear Furrry-Friend,

There are many days where I wish that you could speak or read because only then could you truly understand how much I love you and how blessed I am to have you in my life. Although, you can't do either of those things, so I suppose sneaking you pieces of pepperoni when Mom isn't looking will have to be suffice until I can read this to you because this one is for you my sweet, furry-friend.

I remember the day I picked you out at the breeders just like it was yesterday, even though it was over two years ago. In the time that has gone by, I have watched you grow and I have taught you some of the most important things that every dog should know. Even though I have taught you a few things, I can't help but feel as though you have taught me far more about life and love than I could have ever taught you, so thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that love at first sight really can happen. When I first walked into the barn that held the puppy pen that you were aimlessly roaming in, I was drawn to you. My parents repeatedly asked if I was sure it you were the one to which I always replied yes. There was something about you whether it be the way your big, brown eyes stared at me, silently begging for some attention or the way that you simple sat in the pen, patiently waiting for someone to notice you. Whatever the reason was, I knew that you were the one I had to have not as a pet but as a member of the family.

Thank you for teaching me that a best friend can be anyone, especially those that do not speak. You may not be able to communicate with me via words but you have communicated with me with the looks you shoot me with those big, brown eyes of yours. Those eyes can say so much that it sometimes surprises me that I can understand you as well as I do and vise versa. Even though you probably don't understand every word that I tell you, the heart-to-heart talks that we have truly are the best because you only offer love, support, and the occasional lick to my face.

Thank you for being excited to see me each time I come home. You really have no idea how much I love the way you knock me off my feet because you are so excited to see me. It is nice to know that you miss me as much as I miss you and haven't forgotten about me. Being away from you for months on end while I'm at school is not easy. My Instagram is partially dedicated to you as are many of the pictures that decorate my room. Believe me, no one ever has to wonder who Diesel is.

Thank you for protecting me. Living way out in the country like we do can be scary at times because there aren't many people living nearby or those that do might be strangers. So, thank you for having impeccable hearing that can detect the sound of unknown vehicle and different sounding knocks at the door. You never fail to beat me to the door each time and silently stand guard. You will never know how much I appreciate that because, between you and I, I'm nervous around strangers, especially in the dark.

Thank you for taking unlimited selfies with me. I know you probably get annoyed when I tell you to "Sit still, I want a picture of you and I." But, believe it or not, I do it because I love you and want to look back at it while I am away at school. Plus, I like to share how adorable you to the world of social media.

Most importantly, thank you for letting me cuddle with you. I know you like your space so cuddling for a long period of time simply doesn't happen, but I love the little time that you give me. In that short time, you make me feel safe and loved. But in those times, you also taught me some of the best life lessons. You have taught me to have patience and appreciation of the little things of life.

I know I have a lot to tell you thank you for; however, I also want to tell you something else that is equally important. I want you to know that I am sorry for taking your love and attention for granted periodically. I'm also sorry that I have to leave you alone for hours each day. Believe me, seeing how sad your face becomes each time I leave makes it even more difficult that it already was to leave. I would love to spend all day taking you on an adventure or cuddling, but that isn't possible. So, the time that we do get to spend together is precious and a time I treasure.

To some people you may only be a dog but to me, you are a member of the family and my best friend. Since meeting you, you have changed my life for the better in a plethora of ways. I will forever be grateful that I am the one you love and have given your loyalty to.


Your human best friend.

P.S. Coming soon: an extra piece of pepperoni when Mom isn't looking to show how much I love you.