It's March Madness, we all know this. What we don't know is how easy it is for "fans" to turn on their so-called "team." As soon as their team gets knocked out of the bracket, "fans" are instantaneously trash talking the team they've been rooting for all season long. Is it because your bracket got ruined? Boohoo.

We all need to remember that the college basketball players are young and are going to make mistakes. No one is perfect. I just hate to see nasty comments about how this person sucks, the coach needs to be fired.

Does being hateful make you feel better about yourself?

In my book, fans have to be there for their team win or lose. These people are KIDS. I'm older than most of the players that I'm watching on television.

We need to stop being so hard on them and realize these players are more disappointed than anyone else. The coaching staff is more disappointed. Real fans will be disappointed, but will also understand that it's just a game, and these kids will learn from their mistakes.

I was told by a comment on Instagram, "If you can't win, you don't deserve to wear the jersey." I'm sorry, WHAT?

I understand that winning is important, but WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING. Learning is what makes a great basketball team.

So if you're a fake fan, do me a favor and stop trash-talking these kids who are half your age. It's disgusting.