Dear Jamie,

I never would have ever thought the girl two doors down would become one of my best friends. I remember the first day I met you, gym shorts and all. I didn't think the world was such a small place till we finally talked and realized we live only 2 hours away from each other. Who would of thought college would bring us together? Your smile lights up and room and everyday wouldn't be the same without you in it. I love jamming in the car to Ed Sheeran with you and laughing for hours. As we grew closer I began to see why you're so special. I realized why being your best friend was one of the best decisions I ever made. Jamie you're dyslexic. I never would have known until you flat out announced it. I never looked at you different till that very moment. I didn't look at you differently and think "Well that's unfortunate". I looked at you differently because I finally realized just how strong you are.You beat all odds. You aren't a normal student, you are an exceptional one. You go above and beyond even me to make sure your work is nothing less than great. I see you in your room studying those extra hours and going the extra mile. What might take another student 1 day to master might take you 2 days because of your dyslexia and that has never stopped you. You could let this dyslexia keep you from reaching your goals, but you don't. There are days when I see you so frustrated with yourself. You can't spell the vocabulary words and your papers are all jumbled and I know formulating every sentence for you took effort. You have set such a high standard for yourself and if you preform anything less it's not acceptable. Even when you're down you never stop giving it your all. You'll have 1000 people proof read your paper if it means you'll get an A. Even when we laugh about all the mistakes you want to know how to make things better. You'll go to every mock interview and tutor to make sure you're prepared. You have never ever let dyslexia take over your life ever since I've known you. You've taken college by horns and baby you're making it. You kicked English 101's butt last semester and darlin' I'm proud that you're my best friend. Dyslexia makes you, you. Jamie, you wouldn't be complete without it. Nothing makes me laugh more than your misspelled texts and struggles with the Greek Alphabet. I'll take those any day as long as I have you by my side to take on these next few years. Jam, you're a Real Strong Woman. I love you and thanks for always being there for me. LITB.


"Aunt" Autumn