An Open Letter To Different Approaches

An Open Letter: To Different Approaches

An open letter on the good and bad for approaching things differently. May this ultimately help you make the healthiest decisions!

To Different Approaches,

I have never believed that there was only one right way to do something or get something done. So, I wanted to talk about how approaching things differently can work with or against you.

I am not suggesting nor trying to persuade you away from doing what you have your mind set on, but rather, to offer a look at the pros and cons of approaching something differently.

I know this is quite a strange topic to pose an open letter on, but I feel it may give someone clarity this week, even if just one person.

With approaching something out of our normal pattern, we can upset the balance of things that don't necessarily need to change. Maybe it's how you phrased something that turned a solution into an issue. My example is a bit broad, but analyzing if something is already "ok" as is can help. This is probably the con to changing the approach on something, and as the old saying goes, "don't fix what isn't broken."

The positive side of approaching something differently is that it can change things for the better. From my own experience, I've thought on why something didn't go as I'd hoped and why. It made a healthier impact if my attitude was positive. Yes, it's hard to always stay motivated but never giving up on finding other ways to see good results is worth the effort.

Different approaches to resolved encounters can also leave you feeling a mix of emotions, such as anger or fear. If you are conflicted on whether or not you should act on a situation, ask yourself: will it cause more hassle for myself and/or others should it change?

All in all, I do hope that you choose the best option that will bring you happiness and peace. Try sitting by yourself for a small amount of time out of your hectic day and evaluate all the possibilities. Whichever is the option that will make the most sense to you in the end without compromising your vibes is what you should stick to. I hope this week's open letter helped to provide clarity!



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