An Open Letter to Crudup 1st North
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An Open Letter to Crudup 1st North

Genuine people don't come around often. If you find someone real enough to stay true, keep them close.

An Open Letter to Crudup 1st North

Well Kids. It's been almost a month since we've all parted from the hall we called home for a few long (really short) months. As i'm sitting at home I've come to realize and appreciate every memory we've had together. All those plunger jokes, late nights, fire drills, food parties, study nights, and amazing moments of freshmen year wouldn't be complete without you all. So here is a letter just to say Thanks. I promise it's not as long as the hall meetings (love you Connie).


Girl how many days have we laughed over psych grades and speech? No matter what if i always wanted a laugh, or the truth I knew what room to go to. Even though many times you were sleep at like noon, I understand. Thank you for always lending me your microwave when I blew the power out of my room and for always having a space on the floor for me.


Thank you for always offering me pizza when I know i didn't need it. If anyone could give the whole hall a laugh during hall meetings it was you. Also thanks for sitting next to me in Human Sexuality. There's nothing like having a friend in a unfamiliar classroom.


Thank you for sewing every since piece of clothing I owned. You don't know how many times you've saved me from holes in my favorite pairs of leggings. You are such a sweet soul. Thanks for always checking in on me, especially when you heard me freaking out on May Day. Thanks Love, You'll be a perfect RA.


Well bud, thanks. I could write a whole book about how the crazy "hippie" through the bathroom became my best friend, but I'll keep it short. Thanks for loving all forms of me and going on late night Waffle House runs, and partying at 9:00 after work at Senior Fiesta. I can't wait to take on Sophomore year with you. Love you kiddo.


Thanks for hosting me in your room for half a semester. Thank you for introducing me to all things makeup and comparing our accents late night in crudup (It's Cray-On not Cran). Either way you say crayon thanks for being as scared of bugs as I am and all the laughs.


Jamie Lynn, girl you've come a long way. I'm so glad we've become not only sisters, but best friends. From gym shorts to dresses and Alpha Chi. I love you always & you are the perfect fit to our family. Thanks for always being there for me when I'm stressed. Never give up on your dreams, you're going to be an awesome nurse. LITB.


Maddy thanks for always having some existential crisis that was more of a simple fix to make me laugh. I never knew a girl in a yellow Morph suit could be so cool. Thanks for the laughs, and bug photos, and bathroom that tried to overflow and drown us all.


Thank you for always having random hall way conversations as we pass by every day. You never fail to make me laugh with your sarcasm and laughter. Thanks for staying up with Me & Steven and talking about getting abducted at Walmart.

Anna Kate:

Thank you for always being so kind. Nothing beats bagels on finals week! Thanks for always thinking about the whole hall and letting us all crash in your room that one night for movies.


I know Crudup 1st North hasn't been home for you long, but thanks for always being so kind and always being a friendly face on campus. Good luck next year!

Konstance & Ashley:

Crudup 1st North was your home. You will always be a member of the hall. Thanks for the fun times we spent and all the late night laughs. I wish y'all the best of luck.

** Adrianna, you never lived on our hall, but you mind as well. Thanks for the endless puns on my door. You are the best **

Last, but not least Connie:

Thank you for guiding me my first semester around Brenau. It was amazing to have someone who understood GATA and SHS Football away from home. Thank you for answering all my recruitment questions and crying when we all "ran home". Thank you for guacamole and Connie's Closet. Thanks for those "guys, it's quiet hours" texts at 11:00 pm when me and Ashton felt the need to sing all the old Disney TV show theme songs. Thanks for being Mom and rescuing us from all the fires and rogue shower heads. Thank you for being there for me when I thought school was too much. Thanks for being my freshmen RA. From one 103 resident to another. Thanks.

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