A Letter To My Childhood Pet
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A Letter To My Childhood Pet

You were so much more than just an animal.

A  Letter To My Childhood Pet
Adeleine Whitten

When I was six years old, I didn’t have a best friend. I mean, of course I had playdates, school friends, daycare friends, cousins, siblings… but I’m talking about a real best friend. I didn’t have one until I saw your little whiskers pressed into the glass of our backdoor for the first time.

People who don’t have pets will never understand the special bond between a person and the fuzzy little animal that sleeps on the end of their bed most nights. Even though you didn’t understand my words, you always knew what I was feeling. You couldn’t speak, but you always knew exactly what I needed in order to feel better.

After my family and I adopted you, the entire house changed. Who would’ve thought that you, a feral cat, would do so well with three small children chasing you, pulling your tail, carrying you around the house, and constantly forgetting that you were not a FurReal Friends Pet? But you were perfect. Relaxed, loving, and always there. You were exactly what we needed.

As I got older, things in my life kept changing. My parents divorced, we moved into a condo, and I started the seemingly-terrifying third grade as my youngest sibling started kindergarten. My life felt like it was moving so quickly, but one thing always remained the same—you. Nothing made me happier than being greeted at the door after school, and you were always there no matter how rough of a day I’d had. Even if I was upset, my cries never scared you away; if anything, they brought you closer to me.

But as I was growing up, you were growing old. I guess that was hard for me to realize considering you had been around for so long. I just thought you’d always be there. You watched me struggle to keep up through high school, plan college visits, study so I could retake my ACT just one more time, and before we knew it I was all packed and ready to go off to start the next chapter of my life. I knew you were going to miss me, but you always seemed so supportive for someone who couldn’t speak English.

The weekend you passed away was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. You acted as so many different things for me throughout my life. You shaped me into the person I am today. I didn’t just lose my pet; I’d lost my best friend. Although I was beyond sad, I couldn’t help thinking about what your life would have been like if my family never would have rescued you. I know you had a good life, and I know you were happy even in your final hours.

So thank you. For everything. We didn’t just save you—you saved us. You gave me a childhood better than I ever imagined possible. Not everyone gets to have a best friend like I had. You were more than I needed and frankly more than I deserved. From listening to my problems, to sleeping on my legs, to stealing my lunch meat, you truly were an amazing creature. I’m proud to call myself your “person”, and I know that you’ll always be watching out for me from animal heaven while you eat the unlimited supply of turkey I imagine they’ve supplied for you up there.

Rest in peace. I love you.

For my Daisy (2003 – 2016).

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