An Open Letter to 25 Year-Old Me

Dear Older Me,

First off, are we actually 25? That is so surreal! I'm proud of us for continuing our fight and still winning. I didn't want to write this to you just to congratulate you on our mental strength, but also on all of your accomplishments, as well as failures. I am so proud of you for graduating grad school! Have you gotten any interviews for clinics or hospitals yet? If so, I really hope you celebrated with a large glass of wine. We made our dreams come true and it's only fair you treated yourself, as not giving up our goal to sip fancy wine in a fancy apartment that was just ours.

As well, I'm proud of you for staying you. It's hard trying to stay true to your values, and self-respect when we're surrounded by a media that tells us not to. Our growth was necessary and very useful, I'm sure, for our senior year.

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