Richmond, Texas is its own little high-functioning town with residents of all ages. The thing about Richmond (generally) is that once you are born here, you stick around. Richmond will always be home sweet home, and if you are from this town, you should most likely relate to the following...

1. Christmas light traffic

Pecan Grove is known for its extravagant Christmas lights. Between the "Ho Ho Ho" house and the Naughty or Nice/Pixar house, there is no doubt that this neighborhood is a sight to see in December. Despite the beauty of the Christmas spirit, you do have the right to complain about the traffic it causes. Just make sure you leave an extra 15 minutes early in order to get anywhere on time.

2. Swinging Door

Monday becomes the worst day of the week because that is the one day that this incredible BBQ restaurant is closed. Always order extra bread, always at least try to leave room for the cobbler, and always leave completely satisfied with the well-deserved food baby that you are about to wear for the rest of the day. Thank you, Swinging Door for teaching me what quality Texas cooking is.

3. Trying not to get caught by the train that runs along 90

You know you've raced that locomotor in order to get to 359 before it does... Because otherwise, you know you will be sitting at a stoplight for what feels like forever.

4. Chill Out

The classic summer necessity. The multitude of flavors makes this snow cone stand great. There is always something new to try. Always beware of the bees while sitting at the picnic tables... There's nothing sweeter than this shaved ice, the Texas summer heat, and chilling out.

5. Lightning speed construction

Every time you visit Richmond, no matter how long you have been gone, it seems as if new buildings and business have popped out of nowhere. The area is growing at a fast pace, with new grocery stores, apartment complexes, and fast food restaurants being constructed right and left. The city is every construction company's dream apparently.

6. Lifelong friends

You don't just have one friend that you have known since you were five, you have plenty. It seems like no matter how old you get, you always have your Richmond friends. You are still aware of where half of your kindergarten class is in life currently. This community grows up together and many of your childhood friends still keep in touch.

7. You miss the Burger King on 359

Come on, it's been closed forever, but when you drive by you cannot help thinking about how it had the best play area out of any fast food restaurant in the area. And when is it going to be converted into another business/restaurant? It seems like at this point you may never know.

8. Trying to explain the location of Richmond, Texas

"Well it's not exactly in Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land, but..." Anybody who asks where you're from probably thinks of Richmond, Virginia before they think of your hometown. Your response is never just plain "Richmond, Texas"; you always have to explain the area a little better.

Growing up in Richmond made you who you are. This community formed you into the person you have become as a young adult. Everything you need is within a ten mile radius, and you grew up in this comfortable city that is more than accommodating. Nothing makes you feel more at home than the people and family that are back in this town. No matter where you go in life, remember your home sweet home: Richmond, Texas.