This past Sunday, my church celebrated 41 years of God’s faithfulness, unrelenting goodness, and overwhelming love to our leaders and congregation.

I walked around our campus this past weekend, taking some pictures and I found myself growing—desperate to capture the beauty and love I feel when I am at this place I get to call home. That’s what it is. It’s home. It is overwhelmingly warm, and my heart cries out in gratitude every time I step foot on its soil.

It is the place that I have found God. I have learned from this place, that my God is an inspirational God. He gives us a heart and mind to dream big, and a life devoted to Him, can do anything.

I have learned from my leaders, that the Holy Spirit is more than capable of making God’s dreams, that He has divinely placed in our hearts, come true.

I have learned from my family there, that where God leads, we need to follow.

I have learned that anything is possible and I am immensely, and incredibly, thankful. I’m thankful that God uses the smallest of whispers to change the world, and I am grateful that in spite of our sinful nature, and the brokenness we can create, God still chooses to use us. It is a groundbreaking, earth-shattering, and deeply humbling kind of calling that brings me to my knees and makes me realize that I can accomplish nothing—that I am nothing—without the grace and guidance of my savior.

Thank you, all you leaders who have fought to make the Lord’s house a home for the lost, the widowed, the orphaned, the immigrant, and the outcast—you are doing it. You are doing His work and displaying for me the picture of a life lead and inspired by Jesus. Your stories shout at the top of their lungs that serving Christ is worth the pain, the work, the effort, the loss, the sacrifice and the heartache. Your sacrifice certainly does not go unseen by God.

Thank you for listening out for God’s whispers and following them so faithfully. I desire to live my life in the way that you have displayed and I am grateful that God placed me in this church that has taught me so much.

As I ended my walk on the grounds of a place where lives have been changed, I lifted up praise to a God who is solely capable of doing what has been done there. We are far from perfect and we have suffered through much, but in spite of ourselves; souls have been saved, work has been done, love has shined through, and God has never left our side.

Only God could do this.

Only God could lead us down this beautiful path. Only God could orchestrate this song. Only God could plant a movement this big. Only God could make our dreams come true. Only God could save this many lives. Only God could use a broken people to change this broken world.

Only God.