Yes, I'm The Only Girl

I love telling people I grew up being the only girl. It gets even better when people find out I have not one, not two, but three brothers. I feel like it actually explains a lot about me, considering the only example I really had growing up was my older brother.

Going through school, not many teachers put two and two together that my brothers and I were related, even if we were the only Tremblays in our hometown. I guess to others it seems we all act very differently, but I think my close friends would be able to tell where we all get our mannerisms from each other.

Jonathan, you're the youngest, which means the rest of us automatically assume you get what you want because of your age. It's frustrating to watch sometimes, but I'll be the first to admit you've gotten much better as you've gotten older. You went from being addicted to the computer to (still) a little addicted, but you added in wrestling (which I talked you into joining) and basically being the mini-engineer of the house. You're going to be smarter than the rest of us combined. Just please remember us when you're making more money than I can imagine.

Timothy, I've never seen someone smile going through what you have gone through with every surgery and procedure that you've had. I've also never been more jealous that our entire family can be arguing and you're the only one that can get away with laughing at the whole thing. You're the strongest person I know and you're one of the reasons that I can still smile through everything.

Christopher, you're my only big brother, my fellow California-kid, and the only person who would write me motivational quotes from "Skyrim." I got into wrestling because of you, I developed so much of my humor from you, and maybe somewhere in there my love of stories comes from you exaggerating everything you talk about. Most of all, you showed me what not to do so I would stay out of trouble with our parents, and for that I thank you.

Yes, I'm the only girl. Yes, sometimes my brothers are gross and drive me crazy. But at this point, I can't really live without them, and at least I don't have to worry about them stealing my clothes.

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