7 Things All Only Children Understand Way Better Than Having Siblings
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7 Things All Only Children Understand Way Better Than Having Siblings

It's not the best thing, it's not the worst thing.

7 Things All Only Children Understand Way Better Than Having Siblings

As those nearest and dearest to me know, I am sibling-less. That’s right, my whole life - it’s been just me. Nope, I never had to share toys. I never had to share a bathroom. I never shared my clothing. I always watched what I wanted to on television. Selfish, huh? Well -- not exactly. As much as I would love to say that there are only pros to being the only child, grandchild, and great grandchild on an ENTIRE side of the family- that’s not the case. Here I have compiled a list of things that ONLY, only children can relate to.

1. You ARE The family group message.

That’s right. All texts, e-mails, phone calls, packages, letters, etc., come DIRECTLY TO YOU. And guess what the best part is? You have to respond to every. single. one. The parents (and in my case, grandparents and great grandparents) CONSTANTLY need to know that you’re alive and safe, passing classes, and not dropped out of school.

2. You’re the determinant of successful parenting

And because you’re IT, there’s no one else for your parents to rely on in case you don’t go as far in life as planned. They are either batting 1000 or 0, and it all lies on your shoulders.

3. I’ll admit, holidays are nice.

Self-explanatory. There aren’t many bad holidays when you’re the only child. BUT, that means a lot of thanking relatives for gifts, and when your parents make you write thank-you cards, you can’t just wait for a sibling to do it and add your signature at the bottom last-minute.

4. Most of us like to talk.

Let's talk! I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life with a majority of people over twice as old as me! Besides high school and being with school friends, I spent a lot of my formative years acting too mature for my age. If I’m talking your head off, it’s because I NEED THIS-- pretend you’re my brother or sister for just 5 minutes.

5. Sharing? Living with others?

I just said I wanted to talk to you, not that I was going to give you half of my pimento cheese sandwich. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours. I also like my space- I was raised this way. Ask my freshman year roommate. I don’t do well in close quarters with other individuals. Spend all day with me if you’d like, I love to hang out. However, when it’s bedtime- I want to be in my own room with no one else so that I can watch Netflix or sleep, or whatever I please.

6. You worry a bit more

For me anyways, I worry constantly. I want the best for my family- and I am extremely close with all of them because I have never split time with another sibling, and only two other cousins, both on one side of the family.

7. You’re stereotyped

My biggest pet-peeve. Just because I am an only child doesn’t mean I have the stigma that so many people think goes along with it. No, I am not a SPOILED brat. And yes I CAN function well around other people and in group settings.

See? Us only children aren’t unmanageable, just slightly misunderstood sometimes. Just don’t ask us to borrow our laptop chargers and don’t decide where we are going for dinner, we will choose- and all will be well!

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