About 10 years ago, no one would want to admit they met their significant other online. Online dating was seen as a last resort, or a way to be pulled into a dangerous situation with a stranger. However, online dating has indefinitely changed dating culture in ways we could have never imagined.

The appearance of social media and smartphones have radicalized the dating world, destroying much of the previous stigma of meeting online. Now, over one in five adults between the ages of 25-34 have used online dating to find a partner, according to Pew Research Center. Online dating is even growing popular with both older adults (between the ages of 35-44) and young adults (18-24), both coming in at 10 percent. Many of us at least know someone who met their significant other either on a dating site or app. Hookups apps like Tinder have even had some successful dating stories.

One of the biggest advantages in online dating is how much opportunity it gives you. Instead of meeting someone at work or school, online dating opens your field up to anyone in the area, and makes meeting people a lot easier than it previously has been. However, about 21 percent still think online dating is seen as a last resort, It's also still criticized that anyone can lie about their height or appearance on dating profiles, causing major awkwardness when the couple meets up. More seriously, some still view it as a dangerous situation, especially for women, to put themselves in that could lead to robbery or even murder. Plenty of stories have been posted about this phenomenon. However, the statistics of something like this happening range to about 10 percent. Obviously, safety is always key, so when meeting someone online, it's recommended that you tell a trusted friend or family member who you're with and where you're going.

Online dating over the years has increasingly become a valid option when venturing out into the dating world. Despite this, meeting people offline is still the norm amongst most adults. Online dating's popularity has still drastically changed the world of both romance and technology forever and has provided many couples with the love of their life.