OneNightFriend is a platform that aims to satisfy all sexual demands of its users. It is the best website if you want to hook up instantly.
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OneNightFriend is a platform that aims to satisfy all sexual demands of its users. It is the best website if you want to hook up instantly.

If you are looking for casual encounters and fun hookups, OneNightFriend might be just the thing. OneNightFriend is an adult site for those seeking a hookup but not a long-term relationship.

OneNightFriend is a platform that aims to satisfy all sexual demands of its users. It is the best website if you want to hook up instantly.


If you are looking for casual encounters and fun hookups, OneNightFriend might be just the thing. OneNightFriend is an adult site for those seeking a hookup but not a long-term relationship.

Over the years, OneNightFriend has earned an excellent reputation and customer trust as an international online resource. It has a modern interface and is easy to use, as noted in many OneNightFriend reviews.

When registering, there is no need to fill out a questionnaire, as there is with most similar adult online resources. Taking a few minutes to fill out your profile will allow you to receive 2 times more emails and be displayed more often on OneNightFriend.

How to register

It is extremely easy to register. Only your email address, age, gender, and location are required. Your confirmation email arrives within minutes.

Your account will be activated once you click the verification link. An alternate method of activation is to enter the four-digit code that is included in the same email.

A truncated registration process, while convenient, is usually indicative of a site more concerned with getting new members than with vetting its members.

You can use your Google credentials to register on the desktop platform of OneNightFriend. Your basic personal data will be imported from your Google account without the need for a confirmation link.

With native iOS, you can also register with your Facebook account. There appears to be a design oversight rather than a technical limitation behind Facebook not being available on desktops. The omission is likely to be rectified shortly.

Is OneNightFriend Worth It?

Online adult dating website OneNightFriend is popular for one-night hookups and casual sex encounters. Various countries and continents are represented in their user base. During the day, all new OneNightFriend users receive a 40% discount on all paid features.

There is nothing complicated about One Night Friend. The only thing you have to do is register, upload a photo, and describe what you expect from your stay.

On OneNightFriend, users are not seeking serious relationships, so they do not spend time courting or talking idly.

There are many powerful features in OneNightFriend that help people connect. What does it entail? Using the search feed, you find a girl you like and add her to your favorites list. With the "like gallery" feature, you can also rate pictures of girls. A search engine can also be used to find girls with advanced filters like orientation, age, city, tattoo, and even hair color.

It is normal for OneNightFriend users to change partners every day because they are looking for fun. After a hot night, you don't have to communicate with anyone. Continue reading this OneNightFriend review if you want to know everything about the dating site.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick registration
  • Prices are low
  • Lots of free features
  • Full protection and safety
  • System of discounts
  • Attractive design
  • iOS mobile app


  • No restore function
  • Photos aren't available on some profiles
  • Advertising banner spam
  • Lack of an Android app
  • Organic female profiles are largely inactive

How Legitimate is OneNightFriend?

There are many adult dating websites out there, but OneNightFriend is one of the most popular. To fulfill sexual desires in the vicinity, this website has become popular among its members.

It is clear from the website that the company's focus is not a scam. The premium version is not necessary if you're unsure. Before purchasing a premium account, you can try the free version.

Find casual affairs and virtual sex using this hookup platform. You can have fun on this website if you're not looking for a serious relationship.

Search and Profile Quality

Most of the features, including the search engine, are free. A lot of filters enable you to specify what type of girls you're looking for. Search parameters include radius, age range, race, city, orientation, and so on.

Profiles tend to be filled out qualitatively since a more complete profile increases the likelihood that the user will receive messages from others.

You can, however, skip filling out your profile during registration and come back to it later in this OneNightFriend review.

Cost of OneNightFriend

Known for providing various features online, OneNightFriend helps users find a quick date nearby. There are, however, some features that are not free. To access the full functionality of this website, you will have to purchase a premium plan. Here are the prices and packages:

  • The monthly fee is $39
  • Three months for $65.70
  • Six months for $106.20

Paid vs Free Accounts

Free account

  • Another person's gallery can be liked
  • You have access to the primary search
  • Other users can send you limited winks
  • Video and photo uploads are possible on your profile
  • Signing up is free

Premium account

  • Video and photo sharing is possible while chatting.
  • The photos of other members are in HD quality.
  • You can easily find matches with advanced search filters.
  • Premium accounts allow you to chat.


You can get five free messages with OneNightFriend if you sign up for a free account. Then, if you want to pay, you can test it for three days. To keep your premium membership, you must buy a month at a time.

For beginners looking to learn more about sex dating websites, OneNightFriend might be a perfect choice. You can also have some fun and learn about new interfaces with it if you're a regular user.

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