Top 3 Kitchen Colors in 2022
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Top 3 Kitchen Colors in 2022

When the pandemic first started, many people found themselves in the impossibility to leave their houses.

Top 3 Kitchen Colors in 2022

When the pandemic first started, many people found themselves in the impossibility to leave their houses. Many activities like work and education began taking place from home. As a result, many people started to notice that the place they were living in was far from what one would call home.

Being tied to their houses and with more time available than ever, many people started to look for ways to transform their living space. A space that people started to pay more attention to is the kitchen. In this article, we will have a look at 3 kitchen colors that will be trendy in 2022 according to Cabinet Set professionals and that will help you upgrade your kitchen.

1.Bold Colors and Contrasts Are In

One of the biggest trends in terms of kitchen colors for the year 2022 is bold colors and contrasts. The use of dark and bold colors for the kitchen has been around for a long time now. However, 2022 brings in a lot more variety in terms of the color palette. You can expect to see your favorite kitchen furniture pieces having a wider color selection available.

Out with the boring monochromatic tones and in with the vibrant ones. Jewel-toned blues, rich burgundies, warm yellows, deep mauves, or soft peaches are your go-to colors to choose for your kitchen in 2022.

“Consumers are definitely becoming more experimental with colour and their use of raw materials within kitchen design, which is great to see,” says Alex Main, Director of The Main Company.

And who says you should stick with only one color for your kitchen. 2022 will be all about mixing and matching shades to create bold combinations. To achieve the best results, you can pick two shades of colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel.

One of the hottest color combinations you can go for at the moment is green and pink. If you are skeptical about using bold colors for your kitchen, then worry not. You can start experimenting with it by adding small decorative pieces to brighten up the room.

2.Green and Earthy Tones

The next big trend for kitchen colors in 2022 is green and earthy tones. If the pandemic had taught people something is the importance of maintaining a lifestyle that is favorable for both humans and nature. They also learned the importance of spending time outside in nature. But what about those days when you do not have time to go out? Then this might be just the solution for you.

You can transform your kitchen by adding both faux and living green touches. Whether you choose to use green plants for decoration or install green cabinets, the options are endless. You can pair your green accent pieces with brown and earthy-toned ones. If you are not convinced about this yet, look at what the experts are saying:

“This is a shade that embodies renewal, rejuvenation, and energy, so it isn’t surprising that homeowners can’t get enough of it right now,” says George Forsyth, the director of Drew Forsyth & Co Green.

3. Funky Metallics

Another color trend that is expected to grow and become more commonly used throughout 2022 is metallics. Previously, metallics made shy appearances in people's kitchens, with the vast majority opting for doorknobs and handles in this shiny finishing. Still, you should be prepared to see some changes.

In 2022, you can expect to see full sinks and faucets in golden tones, real metal cabinets to store your utensils in, metallic frames, or backsplash that can add a touch of luxury and help reflect light to brighten your space. There are various ways you can incorporate metallics into your kitchen.

“Textures and materials are constantly evolving in kitchens, and with homeowners growing in confidence with their design choices, the finishes are becoming bolder,” says Graeme Smith. “2022 will see more expressive tactile materials such as metallics, concrete and textured doors featuring heavy wood grains as well as marble-effect and stone finishes.”

The Bottom Line

Finally, no matter which color you choose, the kitchen is the place where you and your family can gather, enjoy a nice meal, and spend time together. So, take this opportunity to create a space where you can all feel at home.

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