Netflix made a huge mistake when they took down One Tree Hill. It was a very sad day for me as such a big fan. I have watched the whole series a total of five times, and I do not regret a minute of it.

Not only is the show so entertaining in all of its dramatic-ness, but it has taught me so many valuable lessons. Each of the individuals offers advice to the audience and speaks words of wisdom in such unique ways.

These lessons become even stronger when they come from a relationship.

Here are the six couples in One Tree Hill that can really teach you an important lesson about life and love:

1. Nathan and Haley

These lovebirds show you that not everyone is who they seem to be, so don't judge someone before you know them.

Nathan is shown as a player and a troublemaker, but once Haley gets to know him, she sees all the good in him and he becomes a better guy. People can become way more than who they once were, so give everyone a chance.

2. Lucas and Peyton

These two prove that you can make it through anything together if you really love someone.

Between all of the drama with Brooke, Peyton's pregnancy issues, and so much more, their relationship always survived. Keep in mind that no matter how hard things may get, keep love in your heart and you will get through it.

3. Julian and Brooke

My favorites... they really show that is okay to not see eye to eye.

Julian and Brooke struggled through where they would live together, Julian's mother's role in their relationship, and their struggle to make a family. Although they had different opinions on these, they always got through it together.

Stay true to who you are and what you believe in, and it will all work out.

4. Clay and Quinn

They prove that once you experience something significant with someone by your side, you are forever bonded in a special way.

When Quinn and Clay were shot, their relationship became stronger. This can happen in less severe cases as well. Keep the ones you love close to you and hold on tight. Let both the big things and the little things have a positive impact on you as an individual and on your relationship.

5. Keith and Karen

This unexpected couple shows that love is much more than marriage. They never got to get married due to Keith's murder, but their love still grew. This growth is also shown through Whitey and Camilla.

Love has no expiration date, even if one is gone. Don't ever forget about the ones you love, and always cherish them.

6. Dan and Deb

As interesting as they are together, they show how easy it is to fall into bad habits. Even when you don't think that you will.

Several times they were separated, but then found their way back together and fell back into their routines of being a couple. Keep in mind what has been happening in your life in recent moments, regardless of how good the past may have been.

One Tree Hill is definitely the best show ever made, and can really change a viewers outlook on their life and their relationships through these six couples, and in many more ways.