I understand why people get upset over brands that advertise themselves as "one size."

We all come in different shapes and sizes. Something that'll fit well on one person might look completely unflattering on someone else.

Would you shame Urban Outfitters for carrying a sweater in every size (including your own) but it still not fit you correctly? No. You'd probably be upset, but you'd move on.

The same goes for clothing companies such as Brandy Melville. Sure, they're a "one size" clothing company—and yes, not all of us are a size 0-2 or an XS-M.

Let's clarify something real quick: I've shopped with Brandy Melville for years now. I've never once seen a tag that says "one size fits all." I've never even seen a tag that says "one size fits most" either. If it does specify a size, it usually says "one size."

The only time I've ever heard of "Brandy Melville" and "one size fits all" claim is from articles and other people bashing on the clothing brand.

That doesn't necessarily mean that such a thing doesn't exist. Maybe they do advertise as such and I just haven't seen it before. Regardless, I'm tired of seeing so much backlash towards clothing companies that decide to stick to the "one size" sizing chart.

Yes, it would be great if a trendy clothing company such as Brandy Melville would broaden their size chart a bit. And we can all sit here and whine about it, but instead of doing that, how about we spend time shopping at other retailers who DO cater to other sizes?

Brandy Melville specifically caters to petite, young teens. That much is clear. However, there are plenty of other retailers that cater to all different sizes who have the exact same items Brandy Melville carries but for much cheaper. On top of that, there are plus size stores such as Torrid. Many other retailers such as Forever 21 have a plus size collection, too.

So, yeah, it may suck that clothing companies such as Brandy Melville do cater to the smaller, petite girls. But there are plenty of other alternatives. Plus, believe it or not, some smaller girls do have a hard time shopping at main retailers 'cause they are so petite and normal sizing don't fit them as well as it should.

My point is: there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just because you don't agree with a company's way of sizing, doesn't mean they're fat-shaming. Shop elsewhere!