One Rainy Morning
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One Rainy Morning

What Is The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To You?

One Rainy Morning
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I woke up one rainy morning around 10:30. There was nothing, but silence throughout my entire house, so I made my way down the hallway to see if anyone was up. No one was even home. No big deal. I decide to head downstairs and make some coffee only to realize that the coffee pot was completely full. I found myself to be overly pleased and excited. Anyway, I go to grab my favorite mug as I do every morning, but it's no where to be found. Okay - no big deal, I'm already over it, so I grab a random mug out of the cabinet. I start to pour myself some coffee, but it doesn't smell like coffee. It just smells like nothing. I just figured it wasn't strong. I mix in some half and half, a little sugar and I take a sip. Tastes like nothing. I'm confused as ever. I add more sugar. Tastes like water, but less than water. It tastes like absolutely nothing, but it's brown like coffee. I'm baffled. I laugh because this is so absurd. I go to the pantry where the coffee is usually kept, and the whole thing is empty. Nothing, but a few paper plates scattered, a box of brownie mix, and a half eaten roll of Ritz crackers. Mind you, this pantry is usually stacked with the best cereals, cookies, and snacks. But now - nothing. I go over to my puppy to fill his food bowl, but he wasn't there. He usually runs when he hears someone getting him food. So I fill his bowl, the usually puppy chow. Except, what comes out of the container is translucent. But I hear it hitting the bottom of the bowl. Translucent pellets hitting the bowl, but I see nothing! I start to panic, but I'm really hungry. So, I go to the fridge to grab a couple of eggs. I like them fried. The eggs feel completely hollow, but I don't think about it too much. I crack an egg onto the hot frying pan, and an already fried egg comes out of the shell. I grab my purse and leave the house in my mismatched pajamas and socks. Where the hell is my family? Am I right? I get in my car, and I am being way too calm. I have no idea why, because I just experienced everything peculiar happen. I drive up the street to the grocery store. Tons of cars there, as always, so I feel better. I walk in, no one is there. No one at all. The aisles are empty. EMPTY. I try to run out, but the automatic opening doors won't budge. I'm stuck in the empty grocery store. I took a quick nap on the cold tiles. When I woke up about 10 minutes later, some guy was trying to wake me up with an iced coffee in his hand. There was a bunch of people staring at me. I was so confused. The aisles were full again, the lines were long, and there were people. I run out to my car and go back home. Everyone is in my house enjoying their morning coffee.

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