This generation of people have become so involved in promoting the idea of "Girl love" but yet when we need to express that love it all goes out the window.

Spreading the concept of "Girl love" doesn't mean that you post on social media and call it a day. It requires an actual effort. Shocking right? It isn't easy reversing the way we think in society. The choice we should make is to promote love in all ways, to all people.

We especially lack in promoting girl love. Girls these days are so hypocritical. They will say one thing and do another. Being a girl it is sad to know that we lack that understanding. As a society, we gain entertainment and gossip from seeing girls argue, or hate on each other, downgrading one another for the sole purpose of self-satisfaction.

"Omg. She just cut her hair. She shouldn't have done that. It looks weird."

"She spends her time at the library so she has no friends."

"Did you see John cheating on Sally. She's so heartbroken, like girl get over it."

"Wow. She honestly just tries way too hard. It is almost unbearable."

"She shouldn't have won. She doesn't deserve it. Did you see the way she stands? Exactly."

Similar comments to the ones above show that as girls we lack to love each.

Recently in the Jordyn Woods scandal people said that Khloe deserved it for all the stuff she has done in the past, or said Jordyn was the culprit in the whole thing. Yet, nobody mentions Tristan Thompson who is equally guilty as Jordyn. Being cheated on is no joke, and most people can relate to that feeling because it takes a lot of ice cream to get over it. Yet we still feed on the gossip that results from scandals like this. I am not saying that Jordyn is right and Tristan is wrong or vice versa. I am saying that as women we should not wish bad for other women. We should want happiness and success for each of our fellow sisters instead of being critical and judgy.

United as one, women are powerful and have the capacity to do so much. So today instead of preaching "One Love" show it to someone you know and feel bliss for not being hypocritical.