One Day I Will Have A Daughter

When you're little, you don't really understand the difference between boys and girls. All you care about is that they don't give you cooties or steal your crayon.

Growing older makes you realize the true difference is really only physical. Does me being a girl make me inept? Weaker, less capable of performing the job of a man?

I am a female. I have breasts that were put on my body by God to feed my future daughter. I have a vagina to birth that daughter, and apparently to be groped by men who think they are automatically able to because of their male parts.

There are some men out there who think that a woman is a prize. A "trophy," an object, and an inferior. That scares me. I live in a world where I am looked at like a lion looks at it's prey. A good woman is one who listens to her man's orders, cleans the house, and makes sure she looks hot all the time, according to some people.

I want a daughter one day. I want a little girl with my eyes and her father's smile, and I want my little girl to be able to walk down they street and not have people look at her like she's meat. I don't want my daughter to get sent home from school because the boys couldn't stop staring at her thighs. I don't want my daughter to have to walk with groups at night and carry pepper spray because she might get raped. And God forbid if my daughter were to go through that one day, I want her to be able to stand up for herself and get the treatment she deserves.

Not the interrogation, the judgement, or the looks that women get now. I want "What were you wearing?" to turn into, "Why did you rape her?" I don't want people to look at if a woman was passed out drunk and judge her, I want people to look at the man and shame him for taking advantage of her while she was unconscious.

I want a son one day as well. He will be taught to love women and respect them, just like how he respects everyone else. My son will be the change I want to see in the world.

I refuse to blame all men and yet there are some who still say "all women." As if we are all the same.

One day I will have a daughter, and when that day comes I will not be afraid to raise her in the world I live in.

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