5 Ways To Practice Self-Care
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5 Ways To Practice Self-Care

It's more needed than we think!


Self care seems to be a term that is loosely tossed around on social media and youtube videos. What even is considered self care? To me, it means putting yourself first, and finding ways that can help you heal. It involved taking care of your mental health, as well as your physical health. Little steps can truly make a huge difference in how you see yourself.

1. Compliment yourself.

Each day, take a second to look at yourself in the mirror. Usually, we look for the things that are wrong about ourselves. Try changing the way you look at yourself! Compliment yourself (out loud is even better)! That will help create a positive view on how your see yourself.

2. Limit the time on your phone.

I've talked before about how a social media break can truly help your mental health. I'm on my second one this month in order to focus on me first! Distracting yourself from media that is purely based on comparison can be monumental in self care.

3. Exercise.

No matter how you do it, it does help. You can hike, walk, go the gym, do a home workout, or yoga. Either way, it distracts you from mental pain and can focus on being in tune with your body. It also releases endorphins and is meant to put you in a better mood.

4. Write.

Something I have been trying to get into is writing about my day. Whether that be 3 things that I thought about today, or a full on journal entry, being able to spill your thoughts and feelings on paper (who will never judge you) can be so therapeutic.

5. Cook!

Learning to cook can be so beneficial because you get to create something. It's so nice to just focus on the food and what will make it taste good, rather than worry about the thoughts in your head.

Though those seem small, they can help a lot. Each person has their own ways of practicing self care, but if you feel lost, maybe try a few of mine. It might help much more than you could think.

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