“Love Wins” is a common phrase right now. It was a common hashtag when gay marriage was legalized, and it is a common phrase now concerning the Old Navy ad featuring an interracial couple.

So what does “Love Wins” mean for a Christian in 2016? To me, it means we need to love more, love harder, love unashamedly, unconditionally, more frequently and with all that we are.

The Bible calls us saying, “Above all else, put on love.” The single greatest commandment given is to first love our Lord and Savior and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Who is your neighbor? Is it the lady down the street or a co-worker that you don’t get along with?

What about the gay couple on your block? Do we stop loving them because our definition of marriage is different? No. Absolutely not. We must love everyone, just as God loves. We must put on love before we put on judgement. Whether or not we agree with their lifestyle, we are called to love others and treat them the way that we want to be treated.

So to the Christian, love does win. Love conquers any barrier that we might see. Love fills the gap between political, religious, racial and lifestyle differences.

Love does win because when we choose to love everyday instead of judge, we win.

The application of “love wins” is the most important part. This means paying for the person in line in front of you, tipping your server well at a restaurant, being there for your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, when they need love and not letting differences with a person, however big or small they may seem, get in the way of your ability to love.

The greatest command ever given in the Bible is to love. Even most non-Christians believe that one of the most important things in life is to love others. So where is the gap between believing in loving others and actually loving others? Let's fill that gap and make 2016 the year where regardless of any "differences," love abounds.