11 Reasons EVERY Girl Should Channel Her Inner Olivia Benson On The Daily

11 Reasons EVERY Girl Should Channel Her Inner Olivia Benson On The Daily

Please, who doesn't want to be the best SVU detective of all time?


When I grow up, I really, really, really want to be Olivia Benson. OK, maybe I'm not going to be the most rockstar lieutenant of the SVU in the history of rockstar lieutenants of the SVU, but I want to be the Olivia Benson of whatever I do.

1. She knows what it takes to be a leader.

She leads the SVU just as well, if not better, than the others who have been in her position.

2. She owns up to her mistakes.

Not to spoil anything for those who haven't seen season 17, but she owns up to her mistake when she leaves Dodds in the house with Munson when neither of them checked to see if he was armed.

3. She is dedicated to hearing everyone's story and everyone's side of the situation.

Despite her passion and dedication to bringing those who have committed terrible and violent crimes to justice, she still listens to everyone's story. Even if she's 99.9% positive about what happened, she makes sure she has the evidence and stories in order.

4. She stays strong even in extremely challenging situations.

I refuse to give anything away from the rollercoaster ride that is the William Lewis saga, but just trust me on this one, or ask another SVU fan, if Olivia can stay strong in this situation, you can tackle that test.

5. She respects her colleagues.

Whether it's Fin who has been a part of SVU for a long time or a new detective just moving into the SVU, Olivia treats them all as her colleagues

6. She always looks ready to tackle anything and everything.

Olivia is ready for any case or situation that may be thrown at her. We could all do our part to be a bit more prepared on a daily basis.

7. She balances her work and her child.

Raising a family is hard, no way around it, and Olivia manages to raise Noah while also holding a career.

8. Oh, did I mention she is also currently holding down a relationship?

OK, before you come after me with the "she has dated before" comeback, yes, she has, but I'm sure you have too. The fact that she can date and still be independent and have such a great career and relationship with her son is incredible.

9. She is vulnerable sometimes.

Even someone as tough and awesome as Olivia Benson needs to show her emotions at times because everyone goes through things and has to process them and work through them. No one is invincible.

10. Her dedication is admirable.

She may struggle with knowing when she needs a break, but there is no doubt that she is dedicated to her job.

11. Honestly, she's just downright awesome.

While I greatly admire the character of Olivia Benson, Mariska Hargitay who portrays the actress is just as awesome.

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11 Scary Phrases You, A College Student, Will Hear In Class Before Halloween

It's spooky time, Witches.


Even though it's the beginning of September, college students have to deal with scary things all day, every day, regardless if it's Halloween or not, contrary to popular belief.

Not only do college students have to deal with overwhelming amounts of homework, but life really can be hard, why lie?

If school work doesn't frustrate you to the ends of the earth, friend drama, family drama, or just having an awful moment can turn your good day into one of the worst ones in history.

When it comes to bad days, all's fair in love and war, unfortunately.

Sometimes your soul will skyrocket out of the atmosphere because you're just so frustrated, while other time's you'll just give up on the spot, but whatever the case may be, it's going to be OK.

There's plenty of people on this world that relate to your pain. We understand.

Here's to all the spooky things you'll hear before Halloween.

1. "Single Spaced Essay's." 

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2. "Did you do the homework?" 

Uh - what homework?

3. "Hey, your Student Loans called." 

I can pay them back with my three dollars, right?

4. "The wifi isn't working." 

Scenario: It's 11:50 p.m. on the day your assignment's due, and your WiFi cut off just as you were about to press submit. Spooky.

5. "Are you ready for the midterm?" 

Let's be real, when is anyone really ready for Midterms?

6. "This is a group-related project." 

Why can't I just do my work alone? I'm not the only one that can't function with group projects, right?

7. "What are you doing after graduation?" 

If you asked me what I wanted to do in the future three years ago, I could've responded. Now, I'm just taking it day by day, my dude.

8. "Have you seen my headphones?" 

The worst feeling ever is trying to find your headphones, only to realize they're missing.

9. *Looks at Tuition Fees* 

Why? Just, why?

10. "I won't be here to teach the class, but you still have to come." 

Why can't you just cancel class? Please?

11. "I hope everyone did the reading for today. Pop Quiz!" 

Darn it.

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5 Bachelor Couples Whose Love Shockingly Didn't Last Much Longer Than The Final Rose

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1. Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell

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3. Nick Vaill and Vanessa Grimaldi 

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4. Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray 

Does the name Josh sound familiar? Probably because he had a failed relationship with Andi Dorfman. And another with Amanda. I'm gonna have to blame this one on Josh because Amanda just seems like the sweetest soul.

5. Ashley and Kevin Wendt

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