Today we have some of the greatest rappers of all time from Gucci Mane to Post Malone, but don't forget about the phenomenal music that was created before a lot of us was even born. Music now is good, and I still listen to Ariana Grande just as much as the next person don't get me wrong, I just make sure to have a wide variety of classics on my Spotify playlist too.

Here are some songs that you most definitely need to have added to your playlist today.

“Killer Queen” – Queen


If you want to feel like a bad b*tch for the day then I highly recommend you listen to this song. This is just one of the many songs that the legend Freddie Mercury sang, so please if you haven't already check out more of their songs such as "I Want To Break Free," "Fat Bottomed Girls," and "Bohemian Rhapsody." (Check out the movie too.)

"Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones


This is a very chill but upbeat song too. I like to listen to this while I'm either working out or studying. Listen to "She's A Rainbow," while you're at it too, and then thank me later.

“Stairway to Heaven” –Led Zeppelin


UH yeah, this is a classic that needs to be heard more by the younger generations. Robert Plant is THE man. Also, if you haven't heard the newer band Greta Van Fleet, the lead singer sounds exactly like him.

“Hotel California” – Eagles


A song that is widely known, but not played enough. Put this on your road trip playlist, along with "Take It Easy," as well.

“Sweet Emotion” – Aerosmith


I have this on my pregame playlist, and it most definitely helps me when I am taking a shot or two before heading out to the bars. Thank you, Steven Tyler, I appreciate you.

“Devil Woman” – Cliff Richard 

Wikimedia Commons

Another banger that I listen to often. This is good for listening to at any time but especially good around Halloween time.

“Bad Moon Rising” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Flickr Creative Commons

This is yet another song that would be perfect for your Halloween party playlist. I actually discovered this song through Netflix's "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."

“The Chain” — Fleetwood Mac


Once you listen to this I'm sure Fleetwood Mac will become your next favorite band and you will need to have more Stevie Nicks in your life.

“Wildflowers” —Tom Petty 


A beautiful song sang by a beautiful man. RIP, Tom Petty, thank you for giving us songs like this, "Free Fallin'," "American Girl," and "Mary Jane's Last Dance."

I feel like after you listen to all of these songs you will start to appreciate older music more than today's music. You can turn off Lil Pump now, you're welcome.