A four year gap seemed bigger when we were growing up. There were constant fights in the basement where you used to trick me into getting wedged into the gymnastics incline and then you would sit on me. You never wanted me to play with you and your friends and I would hide a lot of your things. Then when I was in middle school and you were in high school the bickering turned into me stealing your clothes or ratting you out to mom and dad for having a friend over to the house while they weren't there. There were harsh words of being called a brat and yelling back and forth. I couldn't have been more excited to see you go off to college because I was sure that I wouldn't miss you.

But, something began to shift a little more when you finally did go off to college and I entered into high school, I watched you go through your first real heartbreak and being unsure of what you wanted to do in the future. We came together to be one strong entity when grandpa died and I watched you gracefully grow in the shining adult you are now. I realized the words I spoke when you first left for college, the thought that I wouldn't miss you and I was excited you were finally gone became lies.

I was suddenly excited when you came home for winter break to spend time with the family and it was weird to hear the silence when you went back to school because, yes, you are the loudest one in the house. And yes I know I'm always annoying and a little stubborn to admit it when I miss you. I was there when you graduated from college and got your teaching job and you were there for me when I graduated high school to move on to college. I realized that as a little kid all I did was look up to you and want to be just like you and now I think we are more similar than we ever thought we would be.

I appreciate all the advice you're able to pass on to a wide-eyed younger sister. All the knowledge and struggles of finding friends in college and figuring out what to do in life. The teary-eyed texts about boy troubles and all the wise words you've given me even though I've been a little stubborn when hearing them. I have come to realize that you aren't here to hold me back but to help push me forward and you just want to see me become something for myself. I'm glad that the squabbling over the years when we were a kid turned what we had into a stronger bond. It is really true when they say that a sister is the best friend you could ever have.

Now we know that our closets are always open to share clothes and even get each other's advice when buying something new. I love knowing that I can talk to you about anything and that you'll always give me your honest advice. Thank you for always being there for me, even when we're a plane ride away now. Truth is, I will always look up to you because you'll always be my amazing and loud older sister.


Your annoying little sister