From a big sister with a 15 year old sister:

  1. Do not get too involved with boys because they come and go.
  2. Do not stress too much about school work.
  3. Enjoy every minute because it goes by fast.
  4. Take advantage of your faith.
  5. Find real friends that actually care about you and your well-being. Stop trying to fit in with “popular” people. People are not always the way they seem. Try to give everyone a chance.
  6. High school is a scary place; do not let it push you around. Stay brave and just jump in head first. It can help mold you for the better if you are willing to let it.

From a big brother with a 15 year old sister:

  1. Care for others and help them whenever help is needed.
  2. Have fun and cherish every moment because they pass by fast.
  3. Be friends with everyone because you can never have too many friends; they mean the world to you even if you do not see it right now. After high school, you may be friends with people you never would have imagined.
  4. Be responsible. Get your stuff done. Then when you want to go and have fun you will not have to worry. Never let your friends do dangerous things even though they seem fun right now.
  5. Be yourself, always, you will earn more respect that way either from others or for yourself.
  6. Learn to love, but if it does not work out that is okay, too.

From a big sister with a 16 year old sister:

  1. Failing a test or not doing well in a class is not a life or death situation. As long as your GPA is good, then you are doing well. There are more people struggling than you think. It is not just you.
  2. Make the best of high school; it really is only four years of your life. Take advantage of every moment because you’ll never get it back.
  3. Stay single if you want to; don’t force love. Let it happen when it is supposed to happen. Do not let your life revolve around a guy, build friendships that will last. High school is the time to find your future bridesmaids not husband.
  4. Do not fight with your parents; hold your hand over your mouth to keep you from screaming at them, no matter how angry you are at that moment.
  5. Do not lie to your parents. Their trust is harder to earn back than you think. Always be honest with them, and even if you still do not get your way, prove to them you are growing up.
  6. Be patient with yourself. It may feel like no one understands you or what you feel right now, but honestly, in a couple of years you will not be able to understand either how you felt then.Your feelings do matter, but know that you control them, they do not control you.

From a big brother with a 16 year old sister:

  1. Make good grades, but do not let them persuade you to a major. Things change as you get older even if you did poorly in a subject in high school. Higher education changes your aspect of those subjects so you can do better as you get older. You will not regret the work it takes.
  2. Play every sport that you can, even if you may not be the best at it, because you may not get the chance to have fun with teammates again. Get involved. Do not be a stranger to anyone.
  3. Spend as much time as you can with friends. It is more fun if you attend the parties/activities/gatherings.
  4. Be yourself. Do not let society or your peers define who you are or who you should be. Make a name for yourself in your own way.
  5. Do not try too hard to get a high school boyfriend. If you do not have one that is fine: just have fun being single. And if you do get one, then don't let yourself have such high expectations.
  6. Respect your parents’ opinions. They do know what is good and what is right, even if you cannot see it right now.

From a big sister with a 17 year old sister:

  1. Be involved because big and little things add up. Try YOUR best, but do not compare your best to others.
  2. Do things that you would want to do, not what your friends are doing.You will still be breathing if you do an activity that your friends might not want to do.
  3. Respect everyone like you would want to be respected.
  4. Mom really does know best when it comes to friends and boys, and you will be thankful later.
  5. College is just around the corner so make every memory count, but that is not an excuse for decisions that could ruin your life.

From a big brother with a 17 year old sister:

  1. Try to listen in class and keep your GPA up because it is good for scholarships. Make good study habits because they follow you to college. Put your heart into whatever extracurricular activity you are in because there is no going back and those memories last forever.
  2. Do not focus on being “popular.” Do the things you like and the right people will hang around.
  3. Enjoy your time. It is okay to gamble every now and then, but play it safe most of the time. You’re getting older; things have consequences.
  4. Do not take relationships TOO seriously; the world is filled with billions of other people to meet.
  5. Spend time with your parents; you will miss them when you’re gone.