My freshmen year of college, I missed my high school friends more than anything. We were with each other at least eight hours five days a week. We all went to different colleges, hours away from each other. We constantly talked about how we were going to visit each other, but at the end of the day it wasn't very practical. That first semester I didn't see my friends, and I was worried that we were growing apart. Winter break we made an effort to hangout with each other and it was like we were never gone (except everyone had new and exciting stories to share)! That's when I knew that these friends would be there for me no matter what and that I could be there for them, even while making new friends at college.

Now for the bigger challenge, I had to make friends in college. I grew up in a small town and knew my friends my whole life, I didn't really know how to make new friends. Living on the engineering floor made it easier to find others with similar interests and I started to find my new friend group. It will never be like my high school friend group, but I learned that we have a similar connection because over summer break we were apart, but coming back in the fall it's like we had never left. This is the most important lesson I have learned in college, a friend doesn't mean someone who is always physically with you, it is someone who is present when you are together and wants to truly know how you are doing. It's someone who can be busy with classes for the week, but wants to catch up when you both make time. Someone who knows how you are doing without having to ask.

Never underestimate the love of a true friend and the support they are willing to offer you. Remember that you can have busy hectic lives, but can always turn to one another. Reach out to them when needed and be there for them when they need you.